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The one-of-a-kind Mini Course to Create your Cyclical Success Strategy in order to Activate a Productivity Flow and Magnetise Sacred Success like it's your Day Job


Are you feeling spread too thin with not enough hours in the day, feeling the constant pressure to be productive EVERY SECOND of EVERY DAY? 

Isn’t it f*cking frustrating that you are implementing all these time-management and goal setting strategies but none of them seem to be really working or they just leave you feeling like sh*t cause you didn’t achieve it fast enough or they are just more overwhelming?


My nervous system and hyper active Type-A perfectionist overachiever chilled THE F out once I learned how to live in alignment with my cycles. Once I implemented this cyclical nature into my business & career, I cracked the code to sustainable balance, freedom & energy by activating my Cyclical Success Strategy. Not just that, but my success expanded too! And that is exactly what we will be doing together inside this Workshop: Ascending your life, goals, and time to the next level through your Cycles. 


In this 2x 45 minute course we will be... 

  • Unlock YOUR personal cyclical code for success so that you easily move through the ebbs and flows of work and business, live in harmony, and continuously experience more clarity, productivity, and energy on a daily basis.  
  • Get over your fear of surrendering (or following this FLOW at work) and step into your Cyclical Queen Era, where you go from “omg I just don’t know how I’m going to manage it all” to “holy shit, there’s so much open space in my calendar!” 

  •  Establish your very own Cyclical Strategy for success that saves you time, energy and prevents burnout, overwhelm and hustle.  

  • Learn how to infuse your newly established Cyclical Success Strategy into your business, job, or current goal, for a productivity glow up and attract dreamier results faster with more ease.

  •  Get clear on your PLEASURE and BALANCE Vision & Values so that you can put your blinders up to what everyone else is doing, stop the pressure and rushing feeling, let go of the dominant success models, and live in your FREEDOM Frequency life, whilst achieving your wildest dreamy goals.



This Mini Course is MADE FOR YOU if you're thoughts sound anything like this: 

  • Ugh, I'm frustrated with how long this goal is taking to happen... am I even making progress towards this new job/next level in my business? I'm worried about the future... will I get the job? Will my business finally take off? Oh god, will I make enough money with this?? 
  • Each morning I wake up feeling overwhelmed or anxious about everything I have to get done... the work that I once loved isn't even enjoyable anymore.
  • I thought I had a clear strategy and roadmap but now I'm not sure. Did I stick with it long enough or is it just not sticking? I'm feel like I'm lacking clarity on what I actually need to be doing. 


Here's what you're receiving:

  •  Cyclical Ascension course portal with the two in depth lessons giving you a life-changing moment for a life of flow

  • 2x 45 min workshop sessions

  • 2 meditation activations for igniting your FLOW CEO Self and embodying your cyclical nature

  • PLUS the Cyclical Ascension Cheatsheet which is a laid out plan for exactly how to implement what you'll be learning for successful activation. The Workbook also includes NLP tools for HEALING old narratives and limiting beliefs around your work and success.

  • Community and personalized support inside the OH FLOW Collective

  • A crystal clear "Cyclical Success Strategy" to activate for your current work/biz/career goal straight away

  • Lifetime access to the replays, meditations and cheatsheet for your ensured success!


[I deeply believe in this work and I know I am always 100% here to show up for you honey buns, but because of the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.]

What People Are Saying:

This workshop is a huge mindset shift that needs to be made! I totally get it now - how to create more time, have more energy and set myself up to achieving my goals - and it's happening!

All the information is SO enlightening! I am so excited to be creating such a balanced cyclical lifestyle. This was so interesting - an approach to time, energy, and success that I truly have never heard before!!