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About Olivia & Oh Flow

Coach, teacher, speaker, & founder of Oh Flow.


I am a holistic cycle coach and NLP practitioner, part German, part Canadian, based in Munich, passionate about helping you heal and flow to create your most pleasurable and purpose-FULL life. 

My mission is to support you in becoming an expert on your mental and emotional cycles, liberating yourself from your current limitations, and deeply understanding the cyclical nature of your life and your body. 

When I am not coaching heart-centered women, writing, or talking about the menstrual cycle or subconscious mind (yes, I’m an obsessed nerd!), I am hanging out in my home in Munich with my partner drinking coffee and cooking yummy meals, going to spin or barre classes with friends, and spending time in nature.

As a 3/5 manifesting generator, cancer rising, leo moon and pisces sun, I am multi-passionate and my purpose is literally to go through trial and error, and learn to let go and flow authentically through life. I am forever growing and learning and that is one thing I love about my offerings is that they are always expanding too.

This is your space where you have permission to be YOU. To reconnect, reclaim and heal your relationship to your womb-an-ness and use this wisdom in building the success your soul came here to create, in alignment and freedom.

My whole life has been a search for balance and flow. For me flow was always this romantized version where everything was easeful, and my mind often took me back to the home I was born in and spent the first years of my life, deep in my childlike wunderlist, weaving my world through my imagination. It symbolized and embodies a state of inner peace, where you are synced and aligned with your life. Blissfully at peace and basking in the beauty of what is yours.

From growing up as a perfectionist, over-achieving, people pleaser (like so many of us women), my main desire in life has been to control. For the longest time I believed the more I could control - by working hard, planning ahead, and ‚Äúdoing it myself‚ÄĚ - the safer I would be. It provided a sense of ‚Äúcertainty.‚Ä̬†

Turns out, of course, that this is a false sense of security. 

Balance was something I spent years searching for, because i didn’t feel grounded, and my well-being (body and mind) reflected that. Turbulances that began in my teenage years, set me on a projection of always searching outside of myself for this experience of balance - if only I got the grades, had the apartment, managed the job, succeeded in the business - I could have it. 

As it turns out, it was within me all along.

Surrender and allowing life to unfold for me was a new concept I began playing with and suddenly I was no longer fighting against life… I was flowing with it.

Balance is the external experience of inner harmony - the encompassment of peace of mind, emotional freedom, and a regulated nervous system.

As long as our thoughts and emotional patterns continue, our nervous system continues to feel unsafe and we live in a constant state of perceived ‚Äúdanger.‚ÄĚ

Balance and flow cannot exist when we are in an internal state of survival.

Throughout my journey I have learned how interconnected the mind and body are, so once you liberate your mental and emotional self, the body is next. This is where reconnecting with your true authentic cyclical nature is key to setting the foundations for sustainable and long lasting balance.

Once I solved this puzzle - mind liberation meets body healing - flow quickly came into my life. 

My superpower is my immense capacity to hold space for you and all your desires and shadows, where we lay out all the puzzle pieces and reflect them back to you in a way that supports you in solving your balance and flow puzzle with ease and clarity. 

Freely authentic lifestyle and purpose-fully fulfilled is the reality that awaits you on the other side of this journey. Let’s embark together.

x Olivia  

About Oh Flow


The Oh Flow Mission


My mission is to guide individuals through their transformative journeys using innovative one-of-a-kind methodologies, blending internal healing with external real world implementation. My aim to equip you with the tools and understanding necessary to achieve and personal and professional fulfillment, along with relief from suffering. By focusing on individual needs and tailored approach, your path to self-discovery and growth is both enlightening and effective. Ultimately, my mission is to make personal development accessible and impactful, enabling you to lead a more empowered and meaningful life.


Oh Flow Values:


Empathetic: I'm all about  radiating empathy, understanding clients' emotional and physical needs deeply, in every level of offer and experience. You are a whole and complex human, and the process of healing and balance should reflect that. 

Inspirational: I am committed to inspiring clients to explore and embrace transformative journeys, whether through NLP or understanding their hormonal cycles. Feeling inspired to view life through a new lens opens up the doors to endless new possibilities.

Intuitive: Following an intuitive approach allows for a deeper connection and an ability to anticipate the needs and responses of clients and students  effectively. Not only is this a core value in approach to the client experience and coaching, but also an area we focus on nurturing for you in our work together.

Innovative: Creativity in problem-solving and service delivery ensures that solutions are not only effective but also uniquely suited to each client.

Adaptive: With an ever changing world, the ability to adapt to changing needs and world conditions is a core foundation, ensuring that content and tools remain relevant and updated to support your ever-growing life. 


The Oh Flow Movement:


We are committed to embodying a transformative movement centered around personal mastery and holistic well-being. With a commitment to emotional intelligence and creative problem-solving, we inspire individuals to navigate their complexities with confidence and clarity. Our movement is about empowering you to turn introspection into actionable change, through supportive community of deep connection, authenticity and continuous growth. 


Certified Life and Success Coach, Certified Neurologist-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Certified In TIME Techniques, Womb Science Certification, (Cycle Coach Certification), 200 Hr YTT.

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