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Hey, you wise Womb-an! Welcome to OH Flow. I'm your Flow CEO, time-freedom lifestyle curator and fellow goal-getter here to serve ambitious womb-en (like YOU!), on a soul mission to deconstruct the way we've been taught to work and strive for success, flip the hustle narrative on it's head and reclaim sacred cyclical success by working like a WOMB-AN.


This is the chapter where you step into your "FLOW ERA," of activating a holistic approach to productivity, work and success, so that you reclaim your time, energy and freedom. 


This is my Story

Hey flow bestie, welcome to OH Flow! I am so excited you are here and receiving the call to revolutionise the way you work and ignite FLOW in your own life. I’m a NLP, Cycle and Sacred Success coach for Womb-en. I’m a Pisces sun, Leo moon & Cancer rising, a line 3/5 Manifesting Generator, with my Gene Key purpose of FREEDOM.

Over the years, I have become an expert with helping women heal their hustle, burnout and overworking, and step into their aligned, productive, and sacred way of working, like a womb-an.

Through the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming, SubConscious ReDesign, Womb Wisdom, embodiment, and somatic work and a ton of other tools, I have helped 70+ women heal their hustle, reclaim the wisdom of their womb, and activate their cyclical strategy for sacred success and a life based in a frequency of freedom.

The OH Flow mission is to wake up the collective consciousness to SURRENDER to the natural process of creation, and quite literally, teach you how to “let go, and flow” in your work for greater success and in your life for expanded freedom.

As a human being, and specifically a womb-an, you have a cyclical nature. In the surge for desired equality, this "equality" between men and women has been misconstrued where women in the world of work are “trying to be like men.” When really the equality comes down to being able to recognise and honour the differences so that you can SHOW up as your True and AUTHENTIC self… working like a WOMB-AN. This is where TRUE SACRED success is created.


Keep things short and to the point, I’m not going to take you through my whole upbringing and the many ups and downs and failures I had along this path.


But I am going to say this. I didn’t always live life like this.


As someone who comes from a hyper-organized, perfectionist, people-pleasing background, I KNOW the pressure you feel to perform, show up for others, and create something meaningful in this world. (In German we have a saying that relates to when we want things done that says “preferably yesterday.”). So ya, I get it.

I had spent my whole life being “perfect” (or trying to be). Wanting everyone around my to be happy, wanting to create “harmony” as the oldest child in a family situation of divorce. Although I had a loving family environment at its core, I often felt alone and felt the need to “strive” to prove my worthiness.

I didn’t realize I was rejecting my body in my pursuit of creating “worthiness.”

I simply thought, this is how we have to show up to work. This is what productivity looks like, as I reluctantly put more on my plate. This is what success looks like, as I pushed my body past its limits once more. This is how you prove you wanted it enough, as I followed the path that I thought would “ensure” my success and give me the validation my worthiness desired.

Just didn’t think much about it, didn’t question it.

Burnout, and acne, and failures, oh my! 

I went down the path of PUSHING against my body to make things happen….

HIGH expectations of myself created immense amount of internal and external pressures, making my physically ill with digestive issues, lymphatic infections, and fatigue. I struggled with chronic acne and was popping Birth Control to “balance” it all out.

My shitty relationship with my body meant that I shunned myself for not being able to do more, was frustrated by the constant cycle of illness I was in … I was frustrated WITH myself for not being better, not doing more, not being able to “prove” myself better.

It wasn’t till 2019 after graduating that I went to bali for a yoga teacher training … little did I know that my soul had called me here. For this was the first time I began reconnecting with my body, realising that she was speaking to me and that I had the power to heal through peeling back each layer of blocked emotion and trauma.

It was during this experience that I connected my intense fatigue and disconnection with myself to Birth Control, and I began my journey of healing.

Fast forward a little bit - redefining WORK.

I realized al the pain I had been holding from my childhood, from my past relationships, and with my body, that made my PUSH and WORK SO hard…

And was actually causing my burnout.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t capable of achieving incredible success, but the WAY i was doing it wasn’t sustainable and kept me in a state of lack, reaching for “more” in order to fill this void. Trying so hard at in school, at uni and at the start of my career. Even when I started my first business, it went well for the first year and then I self sabotaged my success and also burnt myself out with the immense amount of pressure I was putting on myself.

After healing my own trauma around success and revolutionising the way I worked, my mission became about spreading the wisdom of our cyclical nature and helping EVERY WOMB-AN to WORK in a way that works for HER.


That includes healing the success saboteurs and trauma keeping you playing small, the burnout and fatigue that arise from working against your body, and the toxic messages about work that keep you hustling and silence your innate inner wisdom.

Success is an INSIDE job, so once you have done THIS inner healing and incorporate a HOLISTIC body first approach to success, that is when you will create everything you desire in EVERY SINGLE EXTERNAL area of your life.

I am so obsessed with this work because we are living in a potent time of a collective shift, where the old ways of working and structures around success are crumbling & can no longer survive. The gender equality movement has gone in a direction of  “equality” meaning the SAME when it really means RESPECTING and honouring differences. Society teaching women that they must act and be like men to succeed, which is moving us down a dangerous path that values one energy over the other. 

My obsession with the subconscious mind, understanding the cycles of the universe, living in the ebbs and flows with nature, manifestation, and the laws of the universe, have allowed me to create a business that I am deeply in love with. As a 3/5 manifesting generator, I am multi-passionate and my purpose is literally to go through trial and error, in order to receive the lesson in order to teach you. I am literally always growing and lerning and that is one thing I love about my offerings is that they are always expanding too.

So this is your space where you have permission to be YOU. To reconnect, reclaim and heal your relationship to your womb-an-ness and use this wisdom in building the success your soul came here to create, in alignment and freedom.


Certified Life and Success Coach, Certified Neurologist-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Certified In TIME Techniques, Womb Science Certification, (Cycle Coach Certification)

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Welcome to my Library! 

So much of my own personal journey started off with low cost resources like books, podcasts, and music. The pisces energy within me is so here for all the mystical, metaphysical and of course poetic. This is one of the reasons I LOVE music... and if you ask anyone in my immediate circle, they know I have the unique mixtures, old versus new, rap to country. Music is such a powerful way to embody the energy that matches the version of yourself you are stepping into... it is an embodiment practice. And I'm here to share my favourite starting points with you - music, knowledge, feel good reads, and more! 

Top Read Picks, Authors & Artists

  • You Are a Badass - Jen Sincero
  • Wild Power - Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer
  • Women Who Run with the Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estés 
  • The Red Tent - Anita Diamant 
  • Patriarchy Stress Disorder - Valerie Rein
  • Laziness is a Lie - Devon Price 
  • Untethered Soul - 
    Michael Alan Singer
  • Rise Sister Rise - Rebecca Campbell 
  • Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert
  • The Emotion Code - Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • Pussy - Regena Thomashauer
  • You are a Badass at Making Money - Jen Sincero
  • Daring Greatly - Brené Brown
  • The Body Keeps the Score - Bessel van der Kolk

For fun & pleasure...

  • The People We Meet on Vacation - Emily Henry
  • Funny You Should Ask -  Elissa Sussman
  • Book Lovers - Emily Henry 

Dance Your Heart Out

Welcome to the Ambitious Women vibes! 

  • Flow Into Rest - Slow tunes to connect to your inner temple of rest. Ideal for using during the winter, new moon, or menstrual phase of your cycle syncing to really allow yourself space to simply BE and RECEIVE. 
  • Aligned CEO Goddess - The playlist to give you the subconscious programming and feminine hype to step into your next level badass powerful embodied CEO Self - of your life, career, business. 
  • Divine Intuition - The playlist to balance your frequency and connect to your inner intuition of divine feminine energy. 
  • "Fuck It" Energy - Careful this one is explicit. This one will hype you up and help you release all the pressure you're carrying and come back to pleasure.
  • Soul Shake - A playlist to use for your shaking ritual, to allow for stuck emotions to flow through and out of you. Grab your headphones, create your own sacred space, and press play.
  • Johnnyswim to get in your emotional feels
  • Qveen Herby to hype yourself up as the confident capable queen that you are
  • I can't not add my girl T Swift to the list here - just listen to the poetic nature of her stories
  • ESSENCE: The Show & Podcast - okay, not a dancing playlist, but your weekly dose of energetics success wisdom with yours truly!