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Where we are deconstructing work as you know it, so you can HEAL the hustle cycle and align with your WOMB cycle, to create sacred SUCCESS and a life based in a frequency of FREEDOM.


The way society has taught you to work is NOT MADE with you in mind.
As a cyclical being and wise womb-an, you have a natural ebb and flow that you follow in your monthly cycle that can also be applied to your productivity and goal-setting and achievement. This is how you work like a WOMB-AN. However society conditioned you to work within a 24 hour cycle (the male hormonal cycle) and so you are forever trying to change your innate self to fit into this success structure. This is what perpetuates hustle and keeps you in a cycle of burnout.

We carry personal and generational beliefs and trauma around work, worthiness, being seen, and being successful. These, paired with the current dominant linear model of work and success, are actually keeping you from dreamy, flowy, and sustainable success. Plus, that success should naturally also come with the freedom of time and energy to soak up the beauty of the rest of your life.

Are you with me on this? If you’re tired of being tired, so f*cking done hustling and sacrificing yourself for your success, and frustrated with getting to the big shiny outcome but it still feeling overwhelmed as sh*t… then you my dear are ready to revolutionize your success and start working like a goddess-damn WOMB-AN! 

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Flowy & Free

Heal Your Hustle: 
Overcome Your Success Saboteurs in 5 minutes

You want to HEAL YOUR HUSTLE and clear the old narratives about what you need to do to be successful, which is actually BLOCKING your success right now? Start here! Get access to this powerful 5 minute SubConscious Mind ReDesign tool.
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The Three Foundational Pillars to Working Like A Womb-an 

You want to start mapping out your foundational framework for WORKING LIKE A WOMBAN? Start here! Learn the power of your cyclical codes for living harmoniously, boosting your productivity, expanding your time, and creating renewable energy from the inside out. 
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The Free Community:
OH Flow Collective 

For driven, busy women, heart-centered leaders and entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded Womb-en, access the free monthly planning workshop, and have a supportive community for embarking on this transformational journey. Whether you are an experienced Cycler or a Newbie, you're invited to join the FLOW! 
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Wade with the Tides...

Signature Courses to really get you Flowing

The perfect place to begin for healing the way you ‘do’ success and begin working like a womb-an. With two levels for you to choose from; one focused on JUST work and goal planning and the second on both how to live AND work in your cyclical nature, like a goddess-Damn-WOMBAN.
CYCLICAL ASCENSION: The One-Of-A-Kind Mini Course to activate your Cyclical Success Strategy
REST FOR SUCCESS: The Signature Cyclical Success Course for Embodying the Womb-anly Path to Success

Dive Into The Depths of Flow

High-Touch Personalized and Powerful 1-1 Mentorship & Coaching


I see you wise woman! You are not here to play (although we will be playing!) and you want to dove DEEP, to heal, release, cleanse and create your NEW holstic, bodyfirst womban-ly approach to success along with your very own cyclical success strategy. If you are a heart centred leader or entrepreneur, get ready to revolutionise your results and alchemized sacred womban-ly success.


NLP & Subconscious Redesign • Nervous System Regulation • Somatics  Law of Balance • Burnout Healing • Energetics & Body Recoding  Womb Wisdom  Moon Magic • Cycle Syncing Cyclical Success Strategy 

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Hey there Freedom Seeker,



Your NLP & Cyclical Sacred Success Coach and Flow CEO bestie, empowering YOU, my fellow busy driven woman, to break free from the grip of perfectionism and over-doing, and transition you into a pleasure-based life of freedom and sacred success

As a recovering perfectionist people-pleaser and overachiever myself, I spent years burning myself to the ground, trying to prove my worth through work and making myself physically ill in the process. I am deeply committed to totally flipping the narrative around work, success, and what holistic and sacred success looks like!

After uncovering the mind-body connection, healing my body from years of birth control, and relearning how to work free from burnout, I have finally cracked the code and created my Freedom Frequency life of Sacred Success.

I dare you to challenge the status quo of outdated success models and step into your era of thriving balance, cyclical essence, embodied purpose, pleasure and well-being. There is a better way to work, based on YOUR BODY, that gives you sustainable success without sacrificing your well-being. It’s time to create your sacred success and freedom frequency life where you really can have it all. 


Read the rest of my story here.
Learn More: The OH FLOW Framework


You are being called to reclaim
your inner essence... this is your power as a womb-an, to revolutionize your work and flow into your success.

Done wasting time (or constantly fighting against it) and want to start now?

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