The transformation that awaits you, initiating you into a whole new way of living and succeeding

Annapaola Z.

Cellist, Pedagogy Teacher, Mother

New Sustainable Ways the World Desperately Needs

I've done a lot of therapy, lots of coaching and further education programs and yet Olivia is able to surprise me with things I have never heard of. I appreciate that her approach is so holistic. She integrates the mind, soul and body. Her solutions are complete. I came to her with lifelong struggles and she was able to find the underlying causes of my struggles, and give me very practical strategies that I could implement in my life that are making a huge difference.

As a mother of three small children, with two job and many dreams and hopes I almost gave up. With Olivia's help, I went from overwhelmed, depressed, & resigned to grateful, hopefully and literally enthusiastic.

She is a pioneer in her approach to time, productivity and work. She has found new ways, sustainable ways, ways the world desperately needs. She taught me how to shift my mindset, how to be in charge of my energy management, and gave me fantastically structured strategies to implement into my life. She truly walks her talk and thanks to Olivia I am leaning to give myself space to be authentically me, to rest and live life with ease. She taught me that I deserve to rest, deserve to enjoy life to the fullest and live in alignment with my body.

Olivia's coaching is a gift, I hope you will give yourself. 

"You cannot imagine how grateful I am to you and your work. It really is so wholesome, and you touched so many different aspects of my life and I feel that I’m in a positive upward spiral. Everything is getting better and better. And every positive thing is pulling up other seemingly unrelated things."

Allyson S.

Queen of Thieves Founder

Retaining a High Vibrational Life 

Before working together I was stuck in a rut of self-sabotage. I was aware of it but had NO CLUE how to effectively change it. I would wake up already feeling behind in my day and terrified of the impossible to-do list in my head.

I have learned how to work only when I feel energetically aligned to do so, AND how to get into that state of energetic alignment in a holistic way. “Rest” was not a word in my vocabulary before, it was synonymous with laziness.

Now… post coaching with Olivia my entire way of existence has changed.

I know how to set up my schedule so that it works around my energetic alignment. I live in the state of high vibration and spend more time on my mindset than on physical work. I went from being a glass half empty to a glass overfilling with gratitude and joy.

I wake up peaceful and confident that I can do everything I need to get done by exerting less energy than I previously did. By doing this I have been able to attract my goal for the year (my own apartment) within the 3 months of coaching. My income went from $0 to $1000 a month. I am working my dream job about to move into my dream home and it 10000% would not have happened if Olivia had not taught be how to retrain my subconscious and live a high vibrational life. I will truly be forever thankful to her… she completely changed how I show up in the world.


Jasmine I.

Marketing Agency, Influencer, Sustainable Bliss 

In shock with how much growth I had working with Olivia! 

Reflecting back on my time with Olivia, I am just in such shock with how much personal and business growth I experienced.

Before I started working with Olivia I was incredibly overwhelmed. I had too many business endeavours on the go, some of which weren't aligned, and just kept continuing to take on projects even when I clearly did not have the capacity (mentally or within my schedule) to take them on.

I wasn't practicing self-care as much as I wanted to be, I was working from morning to night and every weekend, I had a lack of flow and simultaneously somehow a lack of structure in my schedule, and really didn't know where to start getting my life back on track.

To have someone as kind and knowledgeable as Olivia to chat with on such a regular basis was truly transformational. She helped me to get aligned, set realistic goals, and plan a weekly and monthly schedule that worked well for me. She also supported me in determining which pieces of my business I wanted to let go of, and supported me in letting go of them.

Not only that, while working together I actually started an entirely new business endeavour which was not the original plan but we discovered it felt very aligned! This has already brought me incredible additional income and I know I likely wouldn't have had the courage to dive into it without Olivia's support (or it would have taken me an extra 5 years to do).

I feel so much more aligned in businesses now, and have a plan for moving forward. I am excited to continue using the tools Olivia taught me and can't wait for more transformation!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Olivia!

Lucie S.

Stepped into NEW Patterns & a New Life 

A session with Olivia is a gift that keeps on giving. Even months after, I find myself revisiting our session notes to support the new patterns she helped me set in motion. Olivia has a talent for identifying and reframing mental blocks and providing structure to help you overcome them. It's not easy to see yourself, your patterns and your mindset clearly when you're the one living it in. So the benefit of having an outside perspective was immediately clear. Olivia provides the space for you to be heard and her warmth and commitment to each session are so obvious. From the initial call to her follow-up and check-ins, Olivia gives you 100% of her energy.

Now, I'm able to identify my patterns and make shifts to show up as exactly who I want to be. Instead of simply going through the motions of my day, I've found a new focus, motivation, and energy from inside myself that she helped me cultivate and unleash.

A session with Olivia is a new favourite gift to my close friends and family!

Shannon D.

Learning to lead with love

I have built a life that I am truly blessed and honoured to have

Before I met and worked with Olivia I was very confused and I didn’t know where to even start. I knew the challenges I faced were deep rooted and the ways I was trying to remedy them was harmful to myself and others around me. Olivia taught me how to hold space for the emotions that I didn’t understand, to have vulnerability and courage, to let go of my fears, and to look at myself with a compassionate eye. I know these things sound easy but they are not. Asking for help with Olivia turned out to be one of the biggest rewards of my decision making in my life. Not only have I returned home but I have established healthy and loving relationships with the people surrounding me. I have built a life that I am truly blessed and honored to have. My heart is open and I am more in love with life than I have ever been. Huzzah!


Priyanka V. 

Business Alignment & Human Design Coach

I Received Amazing Results in my Business and all within a Few Weeks

Honest to god, this was one of the most in-depth and accurate reading I have ever had. I came to Olivia for the cosmic balance reading because I was struggling with creating a balanced approach to my business and my personal life and because I was curious about how to move forward in my business in a way that was completely in alignment with my chart so I could feel more confident about my decisions- The reading was freaking amazingggg!!! Not only was it incredibly ACCURATE (I was literally in awe of JUST how accurate) it actually helped me get some amazing results in my business and all within a few weeks of the reading!"

"While previously, I had several doubts about certain decisions I wanted to take in my business - particularly regarding a paid masterclass and the energy with which I wanted to show up for my clients, her deep insights and revelations about my chart cleared them all up! Not only was I able to deliver a successful masterclass AND felt completely confident and in my element doing it - since then I’ve had several people reach out to me telling me they wanted to work with me further just because they loved being in my energy! She also helped me understand how I can balance out my energy so I can receive more instead of constantly being so ‘on’ all the time. More than anything, she made me feel completely validated in my own instincts and decisions - I had so much reservation around getting a reading done because of past experiences with readers who were invalidating, but she created SUCH a safe space and had such a beautiful energy during the reading that all my fears dissolved. I don’t mean this lightly when I say that you NEED to get your reading done from her. She is one of the most (if not THE most) insightful readers I’ve ever met and you’ll come out of the reading with so much clarity, determination and ease in your own being.

Olga B.

Marketing, Author, Mother

The Perfect Golden Middle 

I really appreciate her unique approach to productivity, her focus on balancing work and rest, & staying in tune with yourself. What I have typically encountered with others is either a harsh "do what it takes no matter what" approach, or the totally fluid "be one with the universe".

Olivia is a perfect golden middle between the two ends of the spectrum: she is all about productivity and achieving goals, but also about staying happy, grounded and well-rested during the process. She is so wise, motivating and relatable. I couldn't recommend Olivia enough!

JaisAlexis T.

Pardon my Feast Holistic Fitness

Running My Business from the Authentic Version of ME

Olivia helped me to stay in my authenticity as a business owner. I have had a lot of business coaches who were critical of my approach to running my business and insisted that I had low self worth because I didn't want to show up in exactly the way they recommended. Olivia's coaching created a safe container where I could explore my relationship with working, organization, time-management, self-discipline, physical and mental clutter, personal blocks, and most importantly, my relationship with myself. I think I fundamentally view myself in a different way after working with Olivia. I used to think i was a very disorganized person. I used to think that I wasn't capable to sticking to a routine. I used to think I was a lazy, unreliable mess. But now I recognize that I have it in me to be organized, disciplined, and consistent. It just looks a little different for me than for most people. Olivia holds a very safe space for her clients to explore their identities as entrepreneurs and the ways they want to show up in their business. Entrepreneurship is not a one size fits all model, and coaching shouldn't be either. A lot of business coaches teach the same thing to everyone. They expect that everyone will benefit from the same cookie cutter information. But as business owners, we are all unique and all work in different ways. Olivia took time to really dive into the core essence of my business and who I am as a person and as an entrepreneur. Her coaching method felt uniquely tailored to my needs. I appreciate all the time and energy she put into customizing strategies that felt like "me" based on the vision I shared with her for my business. I also appreciate her showing up for me on a regular basis and supporting me in between our scheduled calls. She is the best cheerleader and the best coach! I 100% recommend working with her regardless of if your space/time/life is cluttered or not. Her work goes way beyond getting organized.

Priyanka V.

Business Alignment Coach

A Procrastinator No More! 

Working with Olivia was honestly the best decision I could make for my organisation and productivity. I was struggling so much with getting organised and staying consistent when it came to achieving the goals for my business! It made me get into a cycle of procrastinating, then feeling guilty about it and then pushing myself to do the tasks while having little to no structure in place for how to accomplish this! Working with her completely shifted everything for me! Not only did I become organised and consistent, she was generous enough to help me break down my goals into actionable steps and come up with a structure that worked for me! The biggest change, however was that in my mindset. I came out of it feeling so much more confident in my ability to get things done, so much confidence in myself and most of all feeling completely free and at ease doing it! I have so much more time now just to enjoy other things and feel like such weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I feel so so grateful to her and cannot recommend her enough! She’s so worth it!!


Mikaela S.

Life Coach, The Life Grand

It Blew My Mind

I knew Olivia was good at what she does, but the 1:1 one-off session we had together blew my mind! It brought me so much insight and understanding into how I operate as a human. Traits and challenges I've felt stressed about for years finally made sense and it gave me clarity on how to create more balance and get rid of the stickiness around it. Olivia's kind, fun, and inspiring energy is infectious! I can really recommend doing a session with this girl as it gave me the ease, tools, and epiphanies I needed to design my days and life with more joy and well-being!

Amber Leann Drake

Human Design Embodiment

Tapped into a New Level of Abundance

What can I say about Olivia Heine !? She is amazing. In our 90 minute session, she held space for me to really share what was holding me back inside of my home (clutter) + clearly showed me how that was effecting my tap into abundance! Seriously. Such powerful stuff. We got down to brass tacks and she helped me create a game plan for how to actually organize and make homes for all of my things in the two spaces that were really dragging me down. She also encouraged me to share with my husband how the clutter has effected me and what we can do about it together (he doesn't tend to "see" it the same way I do...as in, he somehow just doesn't see it at all! lol) Well, it has been two full weeks since we redid our entire kitchen/pantry/dining room and it has felt AMAZING. And you know what? My hubby came to me and said, "Oh my gosh! The house feels so much better now that the kitchen is clear!" WOAH. So, we have been cleaning more and more as we go (which was a struggle before because nothing really had a "home"), and I have felt so grounded and happy in my spaces. Thank you SO much Olivia! Such an awesome session. I highly recommend working with Olivia! It was an incredible experience.

Leesa P.

Mind Body Medicine

From Unstuck to moving forward with clarity, energy & momentum

Before I started working with Olivia, my biggest struggles were being scattered, getting and staying focused, and time-management. Three biggest take aways form the coaching were to set intention about how I want to live my life and spend my time, how to prioritise, and the powerful affect of the physical space. This coaching got me unstuck and moving forwards with a momentum that is right for me, with a clear focus on what’s important me, and how and on what I want to spend me time. I am so happy that I decided to work with you Olivia, and I loved every moment and feel so much more clear and uncluttered in my mind, my space, and my life. The huge aha moments were I was able to see the areas that were energetically draining me, old patterns that needed to be moved on and your insights that helped me get unstuck are priceless. I was going around in circles and now I can see my path clearly, and I got to hang out with one of my favourite young and powerful business women who really knows her stuff, and made it fun. So blessed to have been delightfully decluttered! xx

Cara Genovese

Beach Body Coach

Embodying my Next Level Self

Got up before the sun for a Call with Olivia. She’s helping me release my *very* enneagram 3 tendencies in my life and business so that ya girl keeps her sanity, feels good in the day-to-day & can continue to serve lots of people. Entrepreneurship is a wild ride, and seeking out mentors is one of the best decisions you can make along the way. We all have deeply engrained habits, patterns and belief systems that can hinder our growth and fulfillment in one way or another. Through the practice of self-inquiry, we can start to notice how we operate when the going gets tough. Who we become when the world (and mostly ourselves) are putting on the pressure.

I’ve gotten to know myself much, much better in the last year and half. And there are SO many things about my character that impress the hell out of me. But there are also a lot of areas I know I can still evolve tremendously within.
Olivia and I chatted about deconstructing my mindset around validation & gaining clarity on my happiness-vision so I can begin to embody my next level self. I think it’s so rad to go through life as a forever-student. To constantly seek better understanding of ourselves and the role we play in the world around us. I’m grateful for other women doing soul-centered work & the opportunity to absorb their energy and gifts. Yes, even coaches (especially coaches!) NEED COACHES! Why? Because if we ain’t evolvin, we dyin! 

Jessica N.


More clarity, energy and ease

Before working together, I struggled with picking goals, trying to do too much, & staying focused. I learned that mindset is key, not to keep forcing things, and how to really manage my energy. Now, I feel more relaxed and focused and better at setting and planning for goals. Working with Olivia helped me to remember to celebrate the small wins that are so easy to forget about while building a business, I gained more clarity and skills in content planning, I was able to let go of the some of the pressure and "shoulds" I put on myself. 

Angela V.

The Created Company

A Clear New Perspective & Authentically Aligned Approach to My Business


Olivia was my second experience with a coach and I cannot stop speaking so highly of her. She takes her time getting to know you personally and gives you 110% of herself to you and your times together. I never felt rushed or unimportant. She helped me realize things about myself and my habits that I previously was unaware of. She's helped me break down not only my business, but other pillars of my life to give me a sense or where I need to put my time and energy into without feeling overwhelmed. The biggest impact this coaching has had on my life and biz was that I able to take a step back and become less overwhelmed with tasks I thought were difficult. Olivia helped me see that by breaking down my to-do list, things become less daunting and more manageable. She's helped me understand how to tackle social media in a way that is authentic to myself and create a content calendar that makes sense and is manageable. She was always there to check up on me and remind me that she is there whenever I felt stuck or just wanted to share some good news! She not only helps you declutter physically but mentally as well which I found the most helpful throughout this process. I no longer see tasks like managing instagram, building a website, creating offers, etc. as chores. I also found a new love for journaling throughout this coaching process!

If you need help with reaching your potential but don't know exactly where to start, I recommend getting in touch with Olivia. She's amazing!

Ambreasha F.

A Fraizer Consulting 

So many deep seeded shifts to embrace my potential

Before I started working with Olivia, I was already on a path of visioning and goal-setting but didn't realize I wasn't addressing key mental blocks that were contributing to inhibiting my ability to move with more fearlessness and confidence in the services I provide. 

With Olivia I was able to release doubt and self-doubt, fear, beliefs around trusting myself. I began trusting myself and leaning into my skills, gifts, and talents more, your encouragement and helping me see the value I bring to my business and clients. Also the assistance in mapping out flexible routines for the morning and night, being more comfortable with resting as a part of my productivity, along with the coaching around stopping the pursuit of "perfect" in so many things. These were all super helpful shifts for me.  

I am now more equipped to question myself when I have thoughts that go against my progress. I have embraced flowing with my energy more and stopped feeling "bad" when I'm taking breaks, relaxing, and/or resting, and feeling more prepared to continue making my vision, my dreams reality! 

Rachel D.

Registered Counsellor 

Olivia did an amazing job at asking all the right questions and giving me the space to figure out what I wanted in my business. She was supportive, understanding and patient. Her follow up notes were incredibly detailed and had tons of ideas/suggestions for me to work on and focus on.

I will recommend her to fellow business owners who are struggling with their intentions, clarity and time freedom.

Paola F.

Lala Loves Shoes Founder

I really thank you for the companionship you gave me while figuring out a lot of stuff that was blocking me emotionally and in my mind. I think your coaching gave me much much much more than what one could "expect". Meaning, as a decluttering coach I would expect, prior to knowing you, that you would help people get unstuck with procrastinating making order and help people get hands on clutter. But it's much bigger and more impactful and meaningful than that, i think maybe even the decluttering part, at least for me, was secondary. Thank you for that.

Birgit E.

Set Designer & Stylist

Before we started working together, I was overwhelmed and did not knowing how and where to start! The idea of creating a vision board and then taking this to roll it all up "from the future backwards" and using it as a starting kit was incredibly powerful! You have been so kind and patient, always giving me wonderful ideas and sharing your beautiful wisdom to change my chaos! Thank you so much for your help and inspiring me for the future! You are a fantastic coach!!

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