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Plan Your Year Like A Womb-an

Are you tired of feeling perpetually stretched thin, juggling endless tasks, and falling short of your ambitious goals? Do you crave a way to plan your year that syncs with your innate rhythms rather than fighting against them?

If you find yourself struggling with time constraints, feeling consistently low on energy, and hustling hard to "make it happen," it’s likely that traditional goal-setting methods aren’t syncing with your natural cycles.

​If you're procrastinating or feeling frustrated with the lack of momentum you're experiencing, it's time to embrace a cyclical approach to goal setting.


This course is designed to help you harness your cyclical nature, allowing your goals to bloom in alignment with your inherent rhythm.


For high-achieving & ambitious women, the struggle lies in traditional goal-setting methods that ignore the cyclical nature of your energy and productivity. The pressure to maintain constant productivity doesn’t align with your body's natural ebb and flow, leaving you overwhelmed, exhausted, and falling short of your aspirations. What does this mean? The way you have been taught to plan and work was not made with you in mind!

Enter the Womb-an Way—a revolutionary approach that harmonizes your goals with your body's cyclical rhythms. It’s time to shift from the "boss babe" mentality to becoming the Flow CEO of your life. Embrace clarity, momentum, and energy by aligning your goals with your innate cycles this upcoming year. And in this 3 Phase course, I am going to show you how!


Plan & Flow like a Womb-an


Not 100% sure what your goals are for the upcoming year or if they are the right ones for you? Want to make sure you're "doing" goals the "right" way? We will kick off the first day by unlocking clarity. Learn the art of goal setting aligned with your cyclical nature.

Embrace the natural ebb and flow of success phases. Learn to plan according to the seasons of achievement, understanding that like nature, there's a time for every stage of growth and progress.

Discover the power of cycle syncing your work and monthly planning. Set up your personalized cycle sync system and gain insights on returning to monthly workshops for ongoing support.

For you to copy and paste and set up your 2024 like a Womb-an


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What would shift in your life this year if you had access to all the energy you needed, were able to have more time, and could move through like with the grounded feeling that everything is working out for you and your goals are happening now. 


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What People Are Saying:

Literally within 2 weeks changing my life!

I seriously can not get over this planning guide. It feels so good to spread my to do list across the month in a way that is aligned with my cycle.

This course is a huge mindset shift that needs to be made! I totally get it now - how to create more time, have more energy and set myself up to achieving my goals - and it's happening!

All the information is SO enlightening! I am so excited to be creating such a balanced cyclical lifestyle. This was so interesting - an approach to time, energy, and success that I truly have never heard before!!