Internal Balance
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Innovative Wellness for Balance, NLP and Cycle Coaching.


For the modern woman cycle breaker wanting to free herself from societal expectations and forge her own path…

Who wants to be in control of her thoughts, emotions and body wellness, so she can be in the driver's seat of her life.


Does this sound like you?

 You engage in extensive self-care activities such as gratitude journaling, self-help podcasts, and weekly yoga hoping it will make you feel whole and unlock clarity within you

 You are using generic wellness advice that doesn’t address your unique needs, resulting in sporadic inconsistency (in results and commitment) 

 You are not making enough (or any) progress because you are overwhelmed with the pressure to “get it right” and feel like you are doing “everything you should” 


You know that your wellbeing is key to surpassing your limitations and unlocking your potential… but you can’t seem to wonder if the effort you are putting in is actually worth it.  

Even though you desire to forge your own path, it is hard to break out of the status quo, especially as you do desire to create success in your life… you just want to be able to do it on your own terms.

Through rewriting your mind, regulating your emotions and nervous system, and balancing your hormone cycle, I help you clarify your unique “made for you” practices and systems to reinstate momentum and move you forward, forging your own path, without hesitation. 

Dive into powerful 1:1 coaching, innovative group courses, free tools, workshops, and the ESSENCE podcast. Think of this as your one-stop-shop for integrating your WHOLE-Being into a HOLISTIC life of new-aged balance and flow.

You are here for a reason. Your soul guided you here. You crave the flow. And it begins here.  

Let's Flow Together

How We Flow

Mind Mastery - Emotional Freedom - Cyclical Wellness

 Overcome mental & emotional limitations for personal mastery 

Together we work with your subconscious mind, nervous system and emotional cycles to heal old patterns and achieve a high level of mastery over your mind and emotions. 

Live Cyclically & find balance through holistic practices  

Reconnect to your body as your guide, understanding your cyclical nature, your hormonal harmony, and your unique flow tor long-term well-being and integrating wellness into daily life.

Flow authentically & receive fulfilment

Everything you create externally in the world - your success, goals, creations - are based on your capacity to hold yourself internally. Once you do, the external world begins to FLOW. We set up your systems to do just that.


Integrating emotional intelligence with scientific understanding, offering a holistic approach to personal development

1:1 Flow Mentorship & Coaching

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Online Courses & Group Programs 


Free Flow Resources & Workshops

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Welcome to your Flow Era,



I'm a certified NLP Practitioner, cycle coach, and life & success coach, cycle. I'm here to help you liberate yourself internally, through mind mastery, nervous system regulation and emotional freedom so that you can create external balance and a cyclical flow of life and creations externally.

Whether you struggle with managing stress and the demands of daily life, feeling isolated on your healing journey, balancing your practical responsibilities with the demands of daily life, or wishing you had more time to expand your interests or cultivate practices for inner peace- I am here for you.

My goal is to help you take control of your mental and emotional states, and integrate wellness seamlessly into your daily life so that you can make a significant impact in the world and live a life on your own terms, without compromise.  

Trust that you have the power to heal and grow beyond your current limitations.

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