Intuition as Your Secret Power to Receiving More by Doing Less

sacred success Mar 15, 2022
How to use your intuition


Do you know why you don’t already work and live from your intuition? 


Society and the dominant narratives of success, have been taught that your intuition can’t be trusted.


Intuition is part of the “feminine,” and the dominant way of working is based in the masculine energy qualities - i.e. logic rules out over intuition when it comes to success, right? 


The feminine is POWERFUL; So naturally, it was a threat in our masculine based patriarchal society, and therefore needed to be repressed and rejected as a legitimate form of knowledge.


But then WHY is it THE starting point to creating MORE success, bigger results and more alignment, flow, ease, time, and energy in your life? 


Here’s what happens when you let your intuition guide your way.


You stop acting from a place of “must,” “shoulds,” and the need for external validation.


You stay in your power and realize that you don’t have to do SO MUCH MORE in order to get MORE money, MORE time, MORE success, or BIGGER results. 


You learn to be in the energy of RECEIVING. 


You begin to surrender your tight grip on control (yes, I see you hunny!!). You let go of needing to know the WHOLE BIG picture of HOW everything is going to happen and trust that if your intentions are coming from an aligned place, you get to have the outcome you want.


You trust yourself DEEPLY. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news or call you out, love, but trusting yourself is one of the hardest things to do. On a daily basis, your ego makes you question yourself, your abilities, and your direction. The practice is to keep coming back to trust, so that you DO believe and listen and act on what your intuition is telling you. 


Learning how to lead with your intuition - leading with the feminine first - is the key to creating more abundance.


Abundance in your business, with more clients, more money, more recognition.

Abundance in your career, with raises, promotions, authority, and community.

Abundance in your relationships, with incredible friends, family and partners.

Abundance in your health & well-being, with more energy, space, time, and ease on a daily basis.


As soon as you FORCE, you start swimming against the current, up the river, being suffocated by the masculine energy, as opposed to trusting that the river knows where you need to be taken.


Your INTUITION is your feminine guidance. It is how you tap into your feminine energy, and when you take action from your intuition, that is when you are able to effortlessly tap into flow.


This is your call to tap into your intuition. Do you know how to do that? Do you know what it sounds like and feels like? 


If you're on my email list and read my life update email from earlier this week about my Instagram account being Shadowbanned, you know that I know that listening to your intuition and letting go of control is easier said than done.


And that is exactly why I do this work and that is exactly what I support each and every one of clients with. Being in flow means knowing YOUR WAYS of tapping into your feminine energy.


If you are ready to dive deeper into this work, and explore a life where you can work less, receive more, and truly live from your feminine first instead of staying stuck in the toxic masculine hustle cycle, let’s book in a time to chat.


These discovery calls are zero pressure and solely an opportunity for us to chat about your situation living & working in the masculine, where you would like to be going (clarifying that if you’re unclear), and identifying HOW you can begin shifting into balance through inviting the feminine back into your life.


Click the link below for a coaching consultation call to get more information and book in your time to chat!





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