Cyclical Living with the Cosmos: Capricorn Season

cyclical harmony Dec 22, 2022
Cyclical Living with the Cosmos: Capricorn Season


Welcome to your guide to Cyclical Living in the boss bitch, structured leader, and meticulous hard-working Capricorn Season energy! ⁠

What the Energy of Capricorn Season is All About

On December 22nd, the sun moves from Sagittarius into its home for th next month in the cosmic season & energy of Capricorn. Capricorn in the comic seasons marks the beginning of the “winter season” (along with the Winter Solstice on December 21st). Capricorn is the energy of the boss & the leader. It rules the realm of work, success, career and legacy and brings practical, structured, logical and dependable energy.  

It’s a great energy to start planning what’s coming up next - hello New Years reflection and intention setting. If you are wanting to dive deeper into this I will be sharing some resources next week to support you. In combination with Capricorn season, it’s also the winter season of “slowing down.”  How can you slow down more? What is your intention for inner winter? 

Sometimes the “work” that you are meant to do is not about “work” in the literal external definition at all. The success you are being called to create might be inward and internal.

This Capricorn season, remember that success is an inside job and until you have set those foundations, the hustle and grind of the “external work” will continue.



Capricorn energy embodies the traditional themes of the patriarchal working world. There are various ways we can interpret this and there are definitely parts of these traditional ways of working that the Capricorn energy holds strict in its structures where we can lean into loosening them up a bit more. However, this is fantastic energy for leaning into your inner boss bitch energy and claiming your space as the leader you are here to be. 



As much as Capricorn energy makes us want to work-hard, it also wants to play equally as hard! It's easy to forget when you're in the flow of "get-shit-done" energy to remember that you will need the equal balance of fun and play as well.  Make you to-do lists, set your plans, and then do the same for your pleasure.



Oh, is 2023 approaching already? Fantastic! The Capricorn energy is ready to support you in setting goals, planning your upcoming year, and creating a plan of action. Capricorn is incredibly logical and meticulous so begin brainstorming and setting up your work-flow. Capricorn energy is the steady mountain goat climbing the mountain one step at a time... so like the mountain goat, take your time and focus on the step that's right in front of you instead of letting yourself get overwhelmed with the view of the entire mountain. 



The logical and structured energy of Capricorn is a great time to reassess your structures. What are your work-flows like? How do you plan your tasks? How productive are you with your time and energy management? How can you create more supportive structures and systems? This is a great time to start re-thinking and infusing your feminine flow frameworks and inner energetic code into how you are showing up to work. That's what I'm here to support you with so reach out if you have any questions on where to start! 



Capricorn is a relatively logical and therefore emotionally detached sign. This is great because it allows you to make decisions from a more neutral place. If you have a big decision to make or a problem to solve, spend some time feeling into your intuition. It will be less clouded by all the emotions passing through and the energy of the season will support you in making a clear decision.



Capricorn is the sign & energy of traditional success. But we are here to disrupt the narrative of traditional success & productivity. Use this energy to redefine what success means to you and what you truly value. Working hard for the sake of status and recognition isn't something we are here for anymore in this day and age.... so what is your inner drive & intention? 


Harnessing the Capricorn Season Energy for Work:

  • Set your goals and intentions for the upcoming year 
  • Make a plan of action for the goals you intend on achieving, but throw out the standard "goal setting" practices that are still rooted in heavy unbalanced masculine energy and lean into the feminine energetic approach
  • Get organized - clean up your office before taking vacation before the new year - allow yourself to be prepared and grounded for a "fresh start" in the new year.
  • Revisit your structures and systems and see where you can create more supportive work-flows. This is a great place to begin infusing feminine flow frameworks into your approach.


Harnessing the Capricorn Season Energy for Balance: 

  • Spend some time on your "internal success." Success is an inside job, so what are your values around what you want to achieve. Spend some time defining what success looks like and feels like to you.
  • Play "hard" - make sure you are spending just as much energy on pleasure and fun as you are on getting shit done. This will ensure you maintain a balance and don't burn yourself out in this hard working energy season. 


How will you be harnessing the energy of Capricorn season this month? Let me know in the comments below!



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