Cyclical Living with the Cosmos: Sagittarius Season

cosmic balance cyclical harmony Nov 29, 2022

Welcome to your guide to Cyclical Living in the optimistic, adventurous and fun-loving Sag Season energy! ⁠🏹


What the Energy of Sagittarius Season is All About


After an often heavier feeling and introspective season of Scorpio, we now get to FLY high into Sag season. ⁠

The energy of this season - from November 22nd to December 22nd - it is your time to lean into and harness the naturally existing energy of optimism, expansion and adventure.⁠

Sag is the sparkly fire sign, excited about life, higher learning and speaking the goddamn TRUTH! ⁠

 It’s time for you to shine in your authenticity and the truth of your story, but remember to do so with integrity. This is not a “high and mighty” stance, but rather sharing how you have taking information and turned it into “embodied wisdom” by practicing it in your own life.⁠


It’s a time to try new things, go on adventures, and get outside your comfort zone... even if that just means taking a different route to work or trying out a new coffee order. It’s a time to dive into a new topic of study - such as feminine & masculine energetics - for your higher purpose & development.


🏹 With a natural OPTIMISM, you become EXPANSIVE.⁠
Take this time to hone in on your mindset and practice seeing WHERE things ARE already working out for you. Sag season is ALL about expansion, optimism and adventure. It’s about all the doors that swing open for you when you lean into playfulness and a mindset of positivity, choosing to see the good.⁠


Harnessing the Sagittarius Season Energy for Work:

  • Great time to say yes to opportunities - as long as they feel aligned. Look for the open doors.
  • Start collecting evidence of how things are working out for you and in your favour.
  • Creative and magical energy of this mutable sign - lean into where your intuition guides you and get creative with it even if it doesn't fully make sense in the bigger picture (yet).
  • Be the story-teller. Tell your story. Stand in your own truth and authenticity. This is magnetic to the people and things that are meant for you.
  • Play more at work. Start adopting the mindset of "what if I could play for a living" (instead of "work for a living"). Where can you mix up your routine and incorporate more fun? 


Harnessing the Sagittarius Season Energy for Balance: 

  • The mutable energy is not necessarily about starting something new or being in "grind time" mode. It's about wrapping things up and putting on the final "magic touches." In order for you to flow in that creative state, you need to be making more space for YOU and your pleasures.
  • Go on an adventure! Now is a great time to grab your significant other or bestie and go on a little day outing to a new town or take a weekend get away. Go exploring, 
  • Focus on YOUR higher learning. As you create space away from the push of work, make space for learning about yourself. Come back to your personal development, pick up that book you set aside (here are my lists of favourites if you need one), or commit to the course you are in (or choose to start that one you've been wanting to do). 


How will you be harnessing the energy of sagittarius season this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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