Cyclical Living with the Cosmos: Scorpio Season

cosmic balance cyclical harmony Oct 24, 2022
Cyclical Living with the Cosmos: Scorpio Season


The powerful energy of this cosmic season has the ability to support you in transmuting energy - taking the stuck energy of old belief systems, unhealthy patterns, and ways of being that are no longer serving you, and freeing ourselves from it with a DEEP release.

It’s like weeding your beautiful garden… time to tend to that shit!

So in the name of this deep powerful transformative energy, here are some things to focus on & ways to work with it.


Aligned Feminine Flow Actions for Cyclical living with the Cosmos in Scorpio Season 


In order to activate the deep possibility of transformation of this season, you are required to dig a big deeper to get to those roots & unlock the wisdom of what your learnings are.

Oftentimes the things that feel the hardest... the things that we don't really want to look at and would rather ignore... the things that scare the shit out of us the absolute most... are exactly the things that are meant for you. This is the season to lean into that. Unleash the fears, let the monsters out of their cages (in a safe loving way of course), and allow what is buried at the depths of you to rise to the surface. You have powerful wisdom within you... It's just currently guarded by some prison guards... so it's time for your journey through the initiation. Are you ready? 


This energy may feel heavy but it’s just the old cycles being brought up to the surface. Sort of like an acne break out, it might not feel cute in the moment but it’s coming to the surface to be released. It’s time to love even these parts of yourself that you’d rather ignore in order to complete the release.

As I mentioned above, going to the depths and uncover the wisdom is usually a bit of a messy job. You gotta be prepared to get your hands dirty. Think about a hero's journey in any of your favourite movies... was it an easy peasy journey for them? Nope. But did they uplevel massively, obtain the pot of gold, or save their town at the end? Yup. Going to the depths of your shadow requires courage.

These parts of you - your shadow side - are a crucial part of who you are. As much as you might want to just keep shoving them aside, they are an important piece of who you are here to be. You actually need them. They are part of your journey and how you express your purpose.


My sweet little cherub, you are mother fucking POWERFUL. Now is the time to dig deep, claim your infinite power and remember that every breakdown is followed by a breakthrough.

This is the initiation. The initiation is your invitation for expansion. The things you desire in your life are incredible and big and meant for you. But the universe wants to make sure you can hold it all with ease. Often times the container you have no to hold it all just isn't big enough and won't do, so the Universe needs to break it down - break your shell - in order for you to build a bigger one where you have the space to expand. If you are moving through a phase of have been through a longer period of initiation, this is your sign that you are reaching the end of the tunnel. Keep going. Continue to remind yourself of how strong you are. Remember that your initiation is happening for you and it is bringing expansion for you. You are the mother effing phoenix rising from the ashes. 


You gotta know what the weeds are in order to know what’s gotta go. You might feel called to trace back patterns and conditioning and uncover ‘secrets’ of your ancestors. If there’s something that needs to be exposed, you’ve got the right energy supporting you to find it.

It's time to go deep. This is a great time to seek out support. You do not need to do it alone. Connect with your family, your ancestors, your story. What are the patterns? How do they fit together? What narrative have they created in your life? How has that affected you and played out with the people around you? Get your notepad Nancy Drew, cause it's time to enter the "haunted" house. (Don't worry, there are nice ghosts in there too!).


Support yourself emotionally and mentally during this time. I cannot stress this enough! The Phoenix rising from the ashes energy can feel intense - like the big fight scene at the end of an action movie. So nurture yourself, ask for support, book a therapy or coaching session, take a personal day. Listen to your body and intuition and do what you gotta do.

This is a call to "do the work." Don't just sit around and think about what you wish were different or wish this feeling would just be over already (trust me through, I get those feelings). Support yourself by taking action. If action feels overwhelming, this is your call to start with doing the work to incorporate the feminine, as this will support you massively in your ability to go deeper and ground yourself through the process. At this time you are very primed for doing the inner work so whatever action you are feeling called to take to support yourself with that, now is the time. 


Let me know in the comments below how this resonated with you and what you’re leaning into this cosmic season!

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