Foundations of Cyclical Living: The Four Phases & The Seasons

cyclical harmony Oct 28, 2022
The Foundations of Cyclical Living

Welcome back my feminine baddie! This post is going to be your foundation to cyclical living, to understand what it's all about, how & why it works and how to activate these feminine flow frameworks for your work-life balance, time-management, project creation, and success. Whether you have never heard of cyclical living before or you just want a refresher, this is the place. 

This will be an overview you can continue to come back to and then you can check out the other articles in this series and dive deeper into the different seasons and phases of cyclical living here.


Is Cycle Syncing a real thing? 

First things first. I want to answer the question you're probably asking in your head right now, which I bet is going a little something like this: "In theory the idea of 'a new way of working' sounds nice, but how the F is this supposed to do it with my busy schedule and demanding workload? Like, does this really work or is it just a "nice" idea?

Trust me, I hear you. As someone who comes from a very heavy masculine energy default, I initially loved this idea in theory but didn't think it actually fit into the "real world." To be honest, that is kind of the point. So let me move into my first rant.

The way you (we all) have been conditioned to work and succeed is based in heavy masculine energy teachings and values. The patriarchal world culture that exists in much of our globalised world today, has conditioned you to live and work and achieve in a specific way. This "one way of working" has become mutually exclusive with success. You can read more about what the masculine energy is all about here and I recommend grabbing your copy of my eBook "Unleash Your Superpower" so that you can really explore how these energies are showing up in your life.

For now I will (briefly) say this... The masculine energy approaches are the default we have been taught around what we "need" to do to be successful. Just think about it for a moment... what are the belief systems you have about being successful? If you want to be successful, make lots of money and prove that you care enough about the job then you have to work really hard, right? Now I am all here for authentic aligned work but as soon as it begins to turn into overworking, grinding it out, and forcing pressure to "make it happen," you shift into an unhealthy & unbalanced masculine energy. The masculine energy is a vital part of your success, when you activate the healthy side of this energy. Yet most of us spend all our time working (and living) in this energy and therefore we have too much of it, hence no balance. 

Most importantly to the topic of cyclical living, the masculine preaches the narrative that you need to be "on" all the time. Everyday you wake up and are expected to be immensely productive and then you rate your day based on how productive you were. The unhealthy masculine rejects the feminine and her cyclical nature when in reality the feminine is actually meant to lead the masculine. The feminine is meant to come first (come check out our monthly Feminine First Workshop if you want to understand this better!). The point is, when the masculine is running the show, you become solely focused on output and following this expectation to be productive all the time. This isn't sustainable and isn't actually helping you create the "best output."

This is where framework of cyclical living comes into play. Living with the cycles of nature is a huge framework of cyclical & seasonal living and teaching of feminine energy wisdom. If the masculine teaches us that life is linear, the feminine teaches you that you are a cyclical being. When you follow these cycles and harness their wisdoms, you actually open yourself up to more success & expansion. 

So to come back from my long rant about why we don't acknowledge this cyclical framework in the standard realm of work and success and answer my initial question... YES. Cyclical living is in fact a real thing, with scientific basis grounded in our bodies & in nature. I'm going to break this down for you so keep reading!


The Feminine Flow Framework Wisdom

In this heavy masculine energy, we carry far more than we were ever meant to: stress, trauma, shame, emotions, and more. We expect more from ourselves and our bodies than what is actually healthy, sustainable and aligned for us. And most importantly, this linear model of life and success keeps us in an ever present state of "not enough-ness." We are constantly trying to "make it" to the next level, the next goal, and the next achievement. Not only that, but we're taught to do so by certain markers - to get married by a certain age, have kids, build a career, get a promotion, buy a house, and so on. 

The expectation that life is in fact linear is the reason you create a plan of what you want to have happen and then you stick to it as though your life depends on it. The truth is, you can't control most of what happens. It's all happening outside of you. You can only control YOU... your energy, your mindset, your emotional well-being and how YOU show up. 

This is exactly what the feminine teaches you to do. To release the linear model of life and success and allow yourself to be guided by the cyclical nature of your being. The feminine teaches you a framework to life and success that FLOWS. This is where we can turn to powerful teachings that I call the "feminine flow frameworks" so that you have a structure and a guidance system for organizing your life, your work, and your time through a feminine first approach. In turn, this creates space, time and ease in your life and you no longer feel confined by the strict masculine based structures that society has imposed on you.

Keep reading to get the foundations of cyclical living with the four phases and the seasons so that you can learn how to begin cycling with them in your own life for your success. 

There is so much wisdom that is funnelled into cyclical living, from the intricacies of the seasons, to how to implement it into daily life, to executing it in relationship to work and success... too much to squish into a single coherent blog post. Which is why I have an entire 6 week on-demand course "Rest For Success" that goes deep, giving you all the foundations and more, to creating and stepping into your very own cyclical life of success. 



How Does Cycle Syncing Work?

One of the main narratives we have been taught when it comes to life and success is that life is linear. You are meant to have goals and create a clear system for working towards them. Listen, having goals is so important and I will be the first to list out all my desires and things I am currently working towards. We definitely need that clarity. However, the way society has conditioned us to work is where the problem arises.

Let's take a little journey back in time, shall we? With the uprise of the Industrial Revolution, human beings started to be trained and primed for productivity. Thanks to Ford and his assembly lines, our culture started turning towards streamlining as much as possible in order to obtain the biggest output in the shortest amount of time. Sure, those were some clever time-management skills at the time, but right now I want us to look at the effect this has had on our psyches. 

As this conditioning continued, we created a society (yes, that includes all of us) of people who work for maximum productivity. This is the result of heavy unhealthy and unbalanced masculine energy in the way we have collectively been showing up to work. Again, nothing inherently "wrong" with wanting to be productive, but it is the way we are going about it and the intention behind it. It has created a society where we feel immense pressure, live with increased normalised levels of stress and feel the constant "need" to be "on." We actually live with greater levels of stress today than we did hundreds of years ago. Sure, back then we had fear around famine, the cold weather, and predators ... but those would come and go. Just think about how much stress that is putting on your nervous system every minute of every day - no wonder we have a health crisis of fatigue, weakened immune systems and unbalanced hormones.  

Alright, let's get back on track. This linear model of life has constructed a lifestyle where we are under constant pressure to perform, be productive, and do better. It's a rat race for the hustle and the grind simply to "get" to the outcome you so desperately want. The truth is, you don't need to grind your body into the ground and sacrifice your well-being for success. However, in order to do this, you have to begin releasing the pressure. And that is what the feminine teaches us, through the art of cycle syncing & cyclical living. 


Nature is Cyclical and You are Being of Nature

Cycles mean that life is not linear - that you are meant to ebb and flow and let the river take you down its winding road, through the forests and around the mountains and down the waterfalls. In short, as much as you may try to perfectly plan your life, your business, your relationships, and your goals, you simply don't control that which is outside of you.... at least not fully and definitely not through force. 

You can however, "control" it through your inner energetic power... yes a little bit like your own magical forces. These forces are your energies - the feminine and the masculine energies that exist within all of us. If this topic speaks to you (this post in general) or this is your first time hearing about the energetics of the masculine & feminine, click here to download my book "Unleash Your Superpower," as my gift to you!  


The Phases & the Seasons 

As you now know, we are shifting from a linear vision of life into a cyclical one. This establishes a mindset that life moves in ebbs and flows as opposed to an ever growing and increasing line graph that remains unchanged. Let's start by exploring what cyclical living actual means and looks like.

We can turn to the many examples that teach us that nature is cyclical. You my dear, being the wondrous human being that you are, are part of nature. Below are some examples of cycles that happen in nature and that have four distinct phases that actually align with one another. This simply highlights the fact that these are patterns that exists in many different scenarios, including within you.


The Moon Phases: waxing moon, full moon, waning moon, new moon 

The Seasonal Phases: spring, summer, winter, fall

The Daily Phases: morning, noon, evening, midnight

The Menstrual Phases: follicular, ovulatory, luteal, menstrual 

The Plant Flowering Phases: Bud, Bloom, Harvest, Seed/Fertile Void 


What do all above example have in common? They all have 4 distinct seasons. You can use any of these markers as frameworks and then work together with the energies of that particular phase in order to harness for your productivity, for nurturing yourself, for rest, for fun and so on.


The Season of Spring
Also known as "inner spring" or the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle and the phase equivalent to the waxing moon. Spring marks the transition into the "masculine energy" based seasons, which includes spring and summer.

The Season of Summer 
Also known as "inner summer" or the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle and the phase equivalent to the full moon. Summer is the second masculine energy based season. 

The Season of Fall/Autumn
Also known as "inner fall" or the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle and the phase equivalent to the waning moon. Fall marks the transition into the "feminine energy" based seasons, which includes fall and winter. Click here to learn more about the energy of fall and how to activate it.

The Season of Winter
Also known as "inner winter" or the menstruation phase of the menstrual cycle and the phase equivalent to the new moon. Winter is the second "feminine energy" based season. 


What is Cyclical Living? 

The foundations of cyclical living are important to know and understand because you can actually harness this wisdom to your benefit to tap into your own cycles for work, rest and success. Cyclical living means living a life of practice of being in the cycles. Unlike the masculine energy linear approach, this framework is not about "achieving something" or getting to the end result. It is simply about being "in" it, and if you choose to answer this call to a cyclical life, it will be a life long journey because you will always be flowing and moving through things for as long as you are alive. 

The framework and wisdom of cyclical living helps us understanding that life moves in ebbs and flows - you are not meant to be "on" all the time. The best part is that the cyclical nature doesn't just say "hey don't be 'on' all the time" but rather it gives you an actual framework for doing that. Your job is to start aligning yourself with the cycles around you. You can use the seasons, the cosmos, or your body to begin adjusting to the energies around you. When you tune in, you are always getting guidance for what you need, when you are primed for productivity and when you need to slow down. Once again, if this is something you are feeling called to dive deeper into, my 6-week course Rest for Success is exactly what you're looking for.


The Foundations of Cyclical Living & Your Success 

Adopting a cyclical life and practicing these cycles are monumentally powerful as it pertains to your success. First of all, tapping into this wisdom will relieve so much of the patriarchal stress that has been placed on you to do more, achieve more and succeed faster. In the laws of energy "like attracts like" so being in a constant state of pressure and stress will only result in you attracting more of those same things.

Second, the cyclical approach provides you with a framework for when to work and when to rest. With that being said, you are actually able to rest and slow down without the guilt. You need to be in the parasympathetic state of "rest, digest and reproduce" for clarity, guidance, and insights to come through to you.

Finally, when it comes to actually birthing creations, launching courses, selling programs, landing your dream job, nailing the interview, asking for the raise... your cyclical nature can tell you exactly when the best time is to do those things. Cyclical living teaches you to know what energy you are currently in within your body, connecting to the wisdom of your womb and using it in how you organize your time, plan your schedule and take time off. And using the actual seasons as a framework for what to focus on in life. 


Let me know in the comments what you think of cyclical living! Have you heard of it before? Do you practice it? Is it a totally new concept to you? Share with me below and drop any other Qs you may have! 


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