Here's How to Play into the Power of Your Success with Cosmic Season of Leo

cyclical harmony Jul 21, 2023
cycle syncing with the cosmos Leo Season

Welcome to Your Seasonal Energy Guide for living in Cyclical Harmony... with the cosmic seasons!


Sunday, July 23rd marks the beginning of a new cosmic season of LEO! 


Keep reading to find out how you can work with this season energy to tap into Cyclical Harmony in YOUR LIFE! Specifically, I'm about to dive into how you can play (yes, literally PLAY!) into your power in order to create epic and sacred success. 


New here or just want a recap? 

  • There are 12 cosmic seasons that take us through the entire year from spring all the way back to winter.
  • Each cosmic season has different themes and energetic qualities 
  • You can work with these energy qualities and themes of each season for more productivity, flow, sacred success and time-freedom. 


So, are you ready?? 


Leo season is the season of the lion or lioness, ruled by the heart, equally courageous and bold as it is playful and soft.


The Main Themes of the Cosmic Season of Leo:

  • Being bold. This is main character energy so it's time to step out more fully in your authenticity. Showing up in the true essence of who you are is what makes you magnetic to everything you desire and allows for your clients, opportunities, soulmate and so on to FIND YOU!
  • Be SEEN. Claim the spotlight. Sometimes it is scary in pursuit of your goals to let yourself be fully seen in your desires and as your authentic self. This is the time to lean into this and use that bold energy to step into the spotlight. This is where you materialize your dreams. 
  • Claim your place as a courageous leader. The lion/lioness is a leader. This is queen energy, leading from the mindset of expanding collective wealth and abundance for all. This is not ego leadership, but heart centered leadership. 
  • Connecting to the joyful inner child's enthusiasm for life. Your inner child holds the KEY to life: PLAY! This is the playground of life. Through all the ups and downs and growth that often feels so hard, you are here to experience joy, live in pleasure, and make this adventure FUN!



This is how you can harness this energy to create more productivity, organize your time, and expand your energy. If there is a goal you are currently working towards or a work project you are in the depths of, here are some ways you can make your work work better for you!


  • Let yourself be seen. Host the workshop, go live in your community, sign up for the theater course, give the presentation, sell yourself/your services. 
  • Let your heart be your guide. Leo season brings energy of “power” but not “ego power” but from “heart led power.” Leading with the ego means understanding that the brighter you shine, the more light you can shine onto others. 
  • Step into Courageous and bold leadership. It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone and LEAD. You are here with a purpose and a message to share, and living in this true essence of who you are and creating a fulfilling life will require a lot of courage. This is natural Leo energy that you can practice tapping into now.




This is where you create more balance, ease, and time-freedom in your life. You are here to create a life, not just make a living, so the concept of “work-life balance” - or rather sacred balance - is key to actually creating success that is sustainable and that supports the kind of lifestyle you desire. 


  • Inner child connection to PLAY. As the title of this post states, you are creating powerful success through PLAY. This is the big mind blowing belief shift you’ve been looking for. The more you can bring play and playfulness into your life, the more you begin to magnetize your desired success. Leo season is all about this playful energy, so harness it now!
  • Sexy queen energy. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. Leo energy is truly *main character energy.* So take this opportunity to feel yourself! Dress up, take yourself out on a date, have a girls night out, or a fancy date night. Let yourself feel like the regal queen you are and don’t shy away from claiming your desires.
  • Confidence creates magnetism. When you are in your radiance - feeling yourself, being playful - you are tapped into your radiance. This makes you confident and powerful. The people and things around you - including your desires - feel this as a magnetic pull towards you. Bask in it!  



Pick one way you are going to tap into more playfulness this cosmic season in order to step into your power and create your sacred success. It can be anything from the lists above or you can create your own based on this energy and where your intuition is guiding you.

Then, let me know in the comments what you're choosing to do to activate this powerful, regal, bold and bodacious Leo energy! 

Me? I'll be dressing up and doing one thing everyday that my inner child would have loved, that I consider PLAY! I am also going to be tapping into that "being seen" and "courageous leader energy with my upcoming event CYCLICAL ASCENSION.



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