How to Activate Alignment: Three Step Process

subconscious redesign Oct 11, 2021


 Here’s how you activate alignment:


Before I share this process with you, it’s important you understand WHY you want this.


The thing is, you don’t actually want the fully booked business or the dream career or the fancy car or your beautiful house on the water…


You want the FEELING that comes with those things. 


Activating alignment is all about your FEELINGS.


  • Yes you could land a fantastic job that comes with a great salary and cool status…. But you’re insanely stressed out by the workload and culture and it pulls you away from being able to spend time with your family.


  • Of course you can build up an exciting business… But believe that you just need to really hustle the first couple years to “make it” and so the whole experience of showing up in your business feels heavy, hard, and overwhelming. 


Do you see the difference there?

You have the thing you believe you want - the thing you believe will bring you into alignment or create the happiness or feeling you desire, but in fact you’re feelings are still out of alignment .


We have this belief (because society has taught us it is true), that once we HAVE something, then we can DO the things associated with it, and then we can BE who or how we want to be, such as successful or happy.


Here’s the reworked “aligned” version: First BE; then DO; then HAVE.


The FEELINGS come first. 


Here’s your three step process to activate alignment: 


FEEL: Decide how you want to feel. It’s okay if you don’t feel it right this second, but choose it now. Do you want to feel more at ease? Experience more love? If you’re saying things such as “less stress” or “I don’t want to be overwhelmed,” what is the positive version of that? What would you like to be experiencing instead? 


PLAY: Take action to connect with that feeling. The BEST way to do this, is to - yup, you guessed it - PLAY. This is why I am ALWAYS talking about the rhythm of rest as a crucial part of your strategy for creating success, because when you slow down and incorporate fun and play, you shift your energy (aka how you are feeling) and tap back into how you actually want to be feeling. 


ACT: The biggest - and most contradicting - thing to do when you are wanting to activate your alignment, is to quite literally step away from the thing you want to create alignment around. It is from that place where you will receive inspiration, get the idea for what your next step is, or simply come back to the task with a better perspective or refreshed energy. 


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