How to Work With Cancer Season Energy for Cosmic Balance & Sacred Productivity

cyclical harmony Jun 30, 2023
Harness Cancer season energy for cosmic balance and sacred productivity.

Welcome to Your Seasonal Energy Guide for living in Cyclical Harmony ... and Welcome to Cancer Season!


Here’s the deal: Part of the practice of Cyclical Harmony - Living together with the codes of your cyclical nature - is the cosmic cycle. 

The cosmic cycle includes the 12 zodiac seasons we move through in a year and the lunar cycles - aka the monthly cycles of mama moon! 

Last Wednesday on June 21st, the sun moved from the sign of Gemini and Cancer, beginning a new season of summer AND a new cosmic season of Cancer. So in the name of CYCLICAL HARMONY, I am going to be sharing exactly how you can harness the energy of Cancer Season  

In next week’s Essence episode I will be diving deeper into how to work together with the energy and power of working with the moon as your cyclical code for more productivity, time, ease, sustained balance and sacred success.


What IS Cancer Season Anyway? 

Sun has moved into cancer - sun is about where you shine your light. So these are themes that you can harness during this season to really activate more of your purpose and true essence. Get ready to uncover how to work with the cancer themes for more sacred balance and how to activate more sacred success including productivity, creativity, time, energy and results this season.

 As always, take what resonates and leave the rest. This is a really powerful way for you to reflect on what is asking for your attention in your life. If something resonates with you, see what you are being called to incorporate or take action on. If something triggers you, be open to what you might be being asked to look at and release. 


Cancer season is the fourth season in the cosmic cycle and marks the beginning of the seasonal phase of summer. 


Cancer is ruled by the MOON, so working with the moon or beginning your journey of working with the moon is a powerful way to work with the energy of cancer season. The moon shifts signs every 2.5 days and affects your emotional inner world. By following the phases and signs the moon is in, you can tap into more productivity, energy, and time-management, as well as opening up more space for fun and pleasure in your life.  

This is exactly why I have a weekly Newsletter called the “CYCLICAL HARMONY GUIDE” that goes out every single Friday where I break down the “Moon Mapping” for the upcoming week. This basically means you get a weekly rundown on where the moon is, what that means for your productivity, balance and success, and how you can work with it. If you’re not already getting the guide, join me here!


Cancer Season & the Moon

Harnessing the power of the moon is as powerful as harnessing the power of your womb cycle - the womb and the moon are like two peas in a pod, helping you improve your health, your career, your relationships, your business and your sense of zest and pleasure for enjoying life.

The moon is like a roadmap for aligning with your hottest and most successful authentic essence of yourself. It’s a framework for goal setting, manifesting and taking action on making your dreams a reality. It is incredible grounding as it connects you back to working with rituals, nature and your cycles. 

And this season is ALL ABOUT THE MOON! And just like the moon, you are being reminded that you go through phases. That life is FULL of phases. And having the ultimate “Phase Mentor” (aka the moon showing you how it’s done), is a fantastic place to start! 


The Main Themes of Cancer Season Energy

In astrology, cancer represents the sign of “the home” and “the inner child.” So themes connected to cancer are:

  • Creating your own sense of belonging
  • Tending to your “home” (in the metaphorical or literal sense)
  • BEING in your home, slowing down, and the power of RESTING
  • Nurturing your own inner child by taking on a mothering role for yourself 
  • Nostalgia and reconnecting with your inner child 
  • The mothers who came before you, so going back to your ancestral roots and connecting with this power and wisdom 
  • The moon is a representation of the divine feminine so getting in touch with your divine feminine energy 




Cancer season is really a powerful time of coming back home to yourself and rooting down which is what balance is built upon. The more rooted you are in your own sense of self and in your sacred space where you nurture yourself, the less external turbulence in life will shake you. 


Here are some ways you can work with the energy of cancer season for really incorporating sustainable balance into your daily life: 
  • Declutter your Home & Space. Take time to clear clutter that pulls you emotionally to the wrong places and clear space so that you can recreate your own “sacred space.” This can be a meditation corner, an altar, or even a reading nook. If you are currently struggling with the idea of “home” or not feeling like you belong (trust me, I GET that!), then spend some time connecting back to YOURSELF to connect with your emotional sense of home within (see next point for more on how to do this). 
  • Tend to your Emotional Garden. It's time to nurture yourself. In the fast paced expectation of life, it’s easy to take care of what needs your attention and then disregard yourself. Are you treating yourself with tender love and care? Are you perhaps being too hard on yourself about your progress in life or work or relationships? Would you talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself? This is a great time to reflect on these questions and begin taking just 5 minutes at the beginning of your day to speak kindly to yourself, practice affirmations, or make a plan for the day ahead as to how you will nurture yourself more. 
  • Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide. This is an element of your feminine energy, as it guides you deeper within yourself. The more you know yourself, the clearer your desires become, and the faster you activate your dreams in your physical reality. Your intuition is the path of least-resistance to getting you to the outcome you want. By tapping into your intuition “for fun” by asking yourself what nurturing play you want to do today, you can start practicing this communication with your intuition.



Cancer season is a reminder that the more you are holding yourself from "within," the more you are able to ultimately accomplish "with-out". Your "freedom frequency" means living your life at a level where your desired freedom is ever-present in your life... where you have the time, energy and ease to take action and the magnetism, intuitive clarity and desire to experience a life of your wildest dreams. The aligned actions for activating the cancer season energy might not "seem" like direct action in line with your goals, but trust that this is a crucial part of the work to achieving your sacred success.


Here are some ways you can work with the energy of cancer season for increasing your productivity, activating a flow state, and tapping into your sacred success: 
  • Activate your Divine Feminine Energy. Surrender, go with the FLOW, and have more FUN in life, making pleasure a priority. If you want to be experiencing freedom in your life (whether that be financially, in an abundance of love and connection in your relationship(s), or time-freedom at work), you have got to tap into that feeling NOW. Connecting to your inner feminine is HOW you do that. 
  • Moon Mapping for Productivity and Balance. Work together with the Moon for planning your work tasks for ultimate productivity, your rest time for more balance, and your play and pleasure. The Cyclical Harmony Guide is my weekly Newsletter where I give you the moon mapping for the upcoming week. It’s the perfect resource for working with the moon in a simple and easy way. 
  • Connect to your Roots. Often feeling a sense of belonging is also about uncovering the messages and wisdom of those who came before us. Connect with your ancestors in meditation or explore your family tree. You may be surprised to see what clarity comes through to you about your life’s purpose when you look back to the patterns of what was and perhaps some ways of being you are here to break and transmute!


What resonated with you most about the season of cancer and how are you intending on working together with this potent energy for creating sacred success in your own life? If you were to pick one thing to focus on, what would it be? Share it with me in the comments below! 

I'll go first - My focus this cancer season is to work with this energy to come back home to myself. I have just moved into a new physical home and after years of travelling around and not being grounded in one place, I am realizing it actually feels a bit unsafe. So my intention is to really allow myself to BE here. To not start booking trips and over-booking my schedule. And instead really ground myself in MY HOME, here and now. 


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