The Moon, the Eclipse Portal & the Art of Surrendering

cosmic balance cyclical harmony Oct 21, 2022
The Art of Surrendering

Hello my darlings! This week's share is about to get super detailed and specific to the upcoming eclipse portal happening at the end of October 2022. If you have no idea what an eclipse is, do not worry I will be breaking down all the need to know's. If it is passed the date of October 2022, I still would encourage you to keep reading. The general concepts of working together with the moon and tapping into your divine feminine energy to practice the art of surrendering will still be massively powerful for you today. 


P.s. The Feminine First Workshop this October is all about the Art of Surrendering and I will be sharing in far more depth how do to this and the specifics of the moon and cosmic energy of this time. Sign up here to join the free community event on October 26th (or check out the next upcoming event if the date has passed). 


The Art of Surrendering: What does it mean to truly surrender and why does it matter? 


Let's get straight down to business, shall we? Why the F do so many people talk about surrendering and what does it really mean? You might know this as a concept and many of us, especially in the self-growth space, understand that surrendering is important. I'm going to be honest with you though, I generally understood it but it wasn't until shit really hit the fan that I began to fully embody it. Although surrendering is often a concept that get's a bad rap because technically you don't do anything, in reality, that can actually be THE HARDEST thing "to do."

My "shit hitting the fan story" taught me to surrender on an even deeper level. Sure, I was technically practicing surrendering prior to that, but I still held on to certain things, gripped specific expectations of success that I "needed" to achieve, and wouldn't let go of certain beliefs. I thought I was "letting go" and to an extend I was and I definitely want to give myself credit where credit is due. However, it wasn't until what I call the "spring shitstorm of 2022" where a series of very unfortunate and also scary events happened that really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and begged me to fucking surrender already! So, finally, I did.

Surrendering often feels more uncomfortable and scary than simply forging onwards, pushing and forcing things into place to hit your desired outcome. In a world where we have become accustomed to busyness and daily chaos, not being constantly engaged in something creates a feeling of "un-safety." Many of us are actually addicted to this chaos and in a backwards way it becomes the only place we actually feel "safe," simply because it's all we know. This was definitely true for me. What the feminine teaches us and asks us to do when we practice surrendering is to focus on the "WHAT" (what you desire to create - your vision & your dream) and to let go of the "HOW" (how am I going to make this happen). 

Most of us are taught to REALLY focus on the "how." If you are one of these people, you are not alone. I still have to check myself from time to time when I realize I am trying to micromanage every step of the process. That is not how it works when you work together with energy and source (the Universe or whatever term you want to give it). What you are really asked to do, is get super clear on your vision and goal and then let go of HOW it is going to happen. The thing that you want can come to you in literally thousands of different ways. So why does it matter "how" it happens? 

But this is where our masculine energy conditionings butt into the converstation. They are going to tell you that "of course it matters." The way you (and all of us) in our patriarchal world culture have been taught to work and succeed is through a heavy and unbalanced masculine energy. You can read more on the teachings of masculine & feminine energy here and download the eBook "Unleash Your Superpower" which is basically your energy foundation manual. In short however, this masculine energy valued in our work culture teaches you that pressure, force and hustle get results. 


The definition I teach on Surrendering is this: The practice and experience of LETTING GO and RELEASING CONTROL. 


Specifically speaking, this is the practice of releasing control of the outcome. Once again, our masculine energy focused work culture teaches us to value the outcome and result over everything. No wonder we are placing so much pressure on it and creating such dis-ease in our lives.

Therefore, if we want to practice surrendering in the "masculine doing energy" we need to turn to the feminine energy within ourselves first. In other words, the definition of surrendering is about moving from an unhealthy masculine energy and tapping into the powerful feminine energy to balance it out. 


Surrendering is a Practice of Feminine Energy & Power


Surrendering is a feminine energy because it requires us to release the fear and control around things having to work a certain way and reconnect deeply with ourselves, in order to find a place where we truly believe we have done enough and things are working out for us. It is a feminine practice because, just like the seasons and the flowers, you are being asked to trust the process of change and growth. You are being asked NOT to do anything, which is often the absolute hardest thing to do 

Surrendering and adopting a practice of surrender is monumentally important for your success, because only when you release the pressure can you receive. As long as you have energy around “needing” to make it happen or thinking you “should” be further ahead, you will continue to create roadblocks for yourself between you and the thing you want. This is what pressure does. This is why hustling is a bigger hindrance than helpful.  

Trust me, I know how hard it is to let go, release control, and trust the flow of the seasons when you want something so bad and you’re a Type A overachiever (like me!) who will do anything to make it work. I’ll let you in on my own personal secret through… After years of doing just that, I realized that approach doesn’t actually work and that there is one that works better. However, it takes a bit of work to get there.


Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life. You feel me? 

This is what the art and practice of surrendering teaches us & gives us. Are you ready to go there with me?




Feminine Flow Frameworks: Using the tools of the Moon & the Cosmos to Practice the Art of Surrender 


Feminine Flow Frameworks are the tools that the feminine provides us with to help us organize our lives, manage our time, execute and birth creations, and more. These are the methods that I use and teach which gives us a little bit of a masculine structure for showing up in the realm of work and success through your inner feminine energy. 

What we're specifically looking at today in the timely manner of the eclipse portal, is the moon and astrology (aka the cosmic seasons). The eclipse portal, scientifically speaking, is the time between the solar eclipse (new moon in Scorpio on October 25th) and the lunar eclipse (full moon in Taurus on November 8th). These eclipses occur when the moon, sun and earth align. During the solar eclipse, the moon passes between the earth and the sun, so you see the moon's silhouette in front of the sun. During the lunar eclipse, the earth is between the sun and the moon, and the moon disappears from the light of the sun. 

The eclipse portal is a power season for surrendering, as it brings energy of karmic clearing and culmination. This is energetically a time to release, cleanse, and BE, instead of control, take action and do.


The Moon & Eclipse Season - The "Superbowl of Surrendering"

Generally speaking, a new moon is all about setting new intentions. It is your fresh start to step into your upcoming cycle and get clear on what you are being called towards. A full moon is about completion and culmination and release.  There are times within these cycles when you are really asked to lean into surrendering. However that lesson is for another post - psst... but you can start reading about one of the ideal times to do that right here.

Eclipse season, however, is like the "Superbowl of Surrendering."  This is not the time to train anymore. It's not the time to push hard. It is not the time to start something new. Whatever is in motion is now moving forward for you. You've done the work, you've put in the time, and now it's your turn to take a step back and let the pieces fall as they may. More importantly, it's time to practice trusting that the pieces will fall as they should and in a way that is serving your highest good (even if that means happening in a way that you weren't expecting). 


How to Practice the Art of Surrendering During the Eclipse Portal 


The upcoming eclipse portal is happening from October 25th with the new moon in Scorpio until November 8th with the full moon in Taurus. Don't worry about knowing the specifics of what those signs mean, as I will be giving you a general breakdown below, but feel free to reach out to me with any questions. All you need to know is that your "surrendering season" is from October 25th to November 8th - got it? 

During the eclipse portal a few things tend to happen which make it the prime time to surrender. The powerful energy in the eclipse portal has the potential to speed things up for you. Goals that you have been working towards have the potential of locking into place and beliefs or narratives that have been hurting come up to be released once and for all. There may be some plot twists or unexpected things that come up during this time and your job is to flow with the twists and turns. If you have been showing up for your goals, dreams and manifestations, let them flow and do their thing.

BUT... if you are trying to control every piece every step of the way, you're going to get your "big hands" all caught up in the intricate workings of the eclipse portal and the universe. They are wanting to work FOR you, so don't get in their way! Got it?? So surrendering now is your biggest bestie and new fave practice.

The question of "what" you are meant to be releasing or ready to release or surrender to comes down to the signs that the moon find's itself in. The themes include death and rebirth of a particular part of your life where something may need to be burned to the ground/shed old skin so that you can create space for something new to flourish. It is the process of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Along with this are themes around money, time and love. What values or ways of being are ready to be released so that you can step into the uplevelled hottest and most magnetic version of yourself? 


What to do during this Eclipse Portal?

  • This is the time for you to step aside - give it up. Whatever you have been putting pressure on or working towards, let it go. Trust, that like a bowling ball, you have set your dreams and goals off into the world and they now have the momentum to drive their own course.
  • You might be feeling like the ground is being ripped out from under you or you are being flushed down a drain. This is the release that is happening so that what is actually aligned for you can come through and what is no longer serving you can fall away. 
  • Use this time to tend to YOU. Whatever practices you are already doing or want to be doing to support yourself in slowing down, being in the practice of surrendering and managing your energy are highly recommended. Meditate, do any energy work, be in your body, or book a therapy/coaching session to release or receive support/guidance.
  • It is not the time to start something new. It is time to bask in where you are at right now. If it feels chaotic, surrender. If it feels overwhelming, surrender. If you feel the need to take action, surrender. If you want to control the circumstances, surrender. If you feel pressure to "make it happen," surrender.  


What are you ready to release during this eclipse season? How is the practice of surrendering feeling to you right now? Share with me in the comments and leave any Qs! 

Talk soon my beauties! 


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