If you don't feel like you're moving forward fast enough... Read this!

subconscious redesign Oct 15, 2021

I want to be real with you, okay?


I really truly get the feeling of not moving forward fast enough. Of feeling like you are literally following the strategy to a T, but it’s still not fleshing out for you.


I know what it feels like to stay stuck in that space too. To feel like you’ve constructed a glass-ceiling for yourself, where, even though it feels like you’re doing all you can to shatter it, it just won’t budge. 


I get it; you’re doing the mindset work and you’re journaling about the results and you are reciting your affirmations in the mirror, and why is it still not working?! Why is nothing changing? Where is this BIG break?!


Yup, if you’re an ambitious woman and anything like me, I’m guessing you’ve been there too.



This is where having a strategy that supports YOU in feeling good is literally THE make or break for the results you are wanting to create.


It doesn’t matter if you are running a household, a business, a team, or a combination of all those and more.


You can still be doing all the “right strategies” (like journaling, affirmations, time-blocking). It won’t make a difference if it doesn’t feel GOOD, and you are doing it because you think you “should.”


When I coach my 1-1 clients, I teach them HOW to create their own aligned strategies for productivity, with a core focus on rest (yes, I’m serious) so that they have the strategies to manage their energy.


When they manage their energy, they literally are able to do less, because it’s not actually about WHAT they are doing, but HOW they are doing it.


BTW, managing your energy is THE way to shift yourself into alignment. Alignment is one of those tricky things that people seem to throw around as a concept, but actually feeling what that means for yourself in your own life is a totally different story. 


If you’re not in alignment right now, not sure what that means or feels like in your life, or are just wanting a refresh as to how to activate it and get back to the flow of attracting exactly what you want…


Then make sure to take some time this weekend while drinking your morning tea or coffee, and catch the Align & Allow Replay for Episode 15 “ How to Activate Alignment to Attract Exactly What You Want.” 


Psst… I also have short blog posts on the three steps you can take to activate alignment! Check it out here.


Let’s quickly circle back and just outline why the “HOW” is so much more important than the “WHAT.”


Here’s the thing, alignment comes down to HOW you are feeling, when you are doing a particular task or working towards a certain goal. 


Here’s an example: A big thing clients often want to dive into is their morning routine.

And yes, I LOVE this. Having a solid morning routine is a very powerful technique to manage your energy in order to set yourself up for a really great/productive/focused/fun/easeful day.


However, there are so many systems online about WHAT should be in your morning routine. You need to meditate, and do affirmations, and journal, and then visualize your day, and visualize your goal and then move your body and then do oil pulling and then read and, and, and…. The list goes on.


Again, these are truly amazing things to be incorporating into your day. 


But, here’s the KEY piece: You don’t really need the 2 hour long morning routine simply because it’s what you think you should do to get yourself into the right mindset and energy for the day. If you are slugging through those 2 hours, that is not a morning routine that is helping you my friend. 


And that is what I see happen SO often. You do the thing you think you “should” do but it doesn’t actually feel good while you’re doing it.



Energy management is unique to YOU


This is why I love using a combination of Human Design, Astrology, Cycle Syncing, and the custom Aligned Productivity Method with clients so that THEY can create their version of HOW they want to be doing things. So that shifting into alignment and managing your energy feels really good, which in turn directly influences the speed at which they receive results in their next level goal (whether that be business, career, family, personal, etc.).


  • This is the thing that shifts you out of feeling that you’re not moving forward fast enough or your goal is like the mirage on the horizon, an illusion that always keeps moving further away from you.


  • The thing is, the way you are working is unique to YOU because the way you want to be living is unique to you. So therefore, your time-freedom and the framework you use to get there needs to be unique to you too.


If you’re feeling like you just can’t break through that ceiling to your next level (and trust me, I get it, I’ve been there)al, even though you’re doing all the “right” things, let’s chat! 


Click here to learn more and register for a coaching consultation call so that we can talk about what it will look like for you to shift into this flow and alignment (and out of all the pushing, hustling, and frustration!).





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