Rising from the Ashes: New Beginnings & 1111 Numerology

subconscious redesign Nov 11, 2022
Rising from the ashes: New beginnings and 1111 numerology

As we move out of the eclipse portal, it's time to take a BIG DEEP BREATHE.

There has been some INTENSE energy rushing around and you may very likely have felt like you've been thrown through the washing machine. Remember, this has been an incredibly powerful and potent time for the old energies, belief systems and narratives to be unearthed so that they can be brought to the forefront to be released.

If you've felt more emotional lately, more fragile, more easily irritated or anxious, know that you are not alone. This is your call to first of all, sit with what is coming up and asking to be looked at, and second, really give it space to be released. This means doing the damn work! That is literally what we talked about in last week's post, all about Shadow Work for the masculine and feminine energies, which you can go read here

But now you're wondering, what happens next? I've practiced surrendering. I've taken the time to dive deep and uncover my deep-seated beliefs and ways of being. What now? 

Well now, my love, it is time for you to RISE. You have shed your old skin and today your new chapter begins.


Rising from the Ashes


When you go through a big transition of healing or transformation, it is so incredibly important to really acknowledge yourself. A lot of times it's easy to frame "hard times" or "struggles" as "bad" instead of challenges that initiate you into your next version of yourself. This means pulling yourself out of a victim mindset of things happening "to" you and moving into the belief that everything - even the tough parts of life - are happening for you.


It's easy to look at the challenging time and feel like nothing has changed because you've just been feeling like you're getting thrown through the ringer again and again. This is where you need to celebrate your success - the internal success. You had to go through the painful process of shedding the old versions of yourself and expired patterns in order to expand. But until you really recognise how victorious you actually are from persevering through this initiation phase, you are going to allow it to be a reason (or an excuse) for why you need to keep playing small. 


No my dear. That is simply not you and it will not do. You came here to do incredible things. You came here to live a full and expansive life. You came here to experience abundance and make life your big beautiful playground. This mission requires you to rise again and again and to view your rising as victorious. 



Shedding the Old & Calling In New Beginnings: 


One of my favourite phrases that I say to my clients (and myself!) all the time is "your breakdown brings your breakthrough." With that being said, the breakthrough is here. Now is your time to clarify what it is that you are calling in. As you have shed the old, what do you now want taking its place?  


Now that you have released the things standing in your way, wasting your time and playing with your peace, you have made space for that which is far more aligned to come into your life. That is amazing!! BUT, if you're not intentional about what you are calling in next, you may end up with things that you don't actually want. It's like going grocery shopping without a list and without having eaten before hand... just a recipe for disaster! 


Spend some time (today or after any big transition and initiation phase) to get super duper clear on what you want.

  • What are you worth?
  • What do you value?
  • How do you want to be moving through life?
  • If you could have anything you want in this next new chapter, what would it be?
  • How do you want to show up moving forward?


If you are looking for more support in establishing clarity and claiming your desires so that you can rule your time and energy, join the upcoming Feminine First Workshop: Rule Your Empire. If you are reading this some time down the road, you can sign up and get access to the replay or join the next live event.



1111 Numerology & Portal 


The day this post is published is the magical day of 11.11 in numerology. 1111 is what's known as a "master number" and represents new beginnings. Especially the last two weeks of this bumpy and unnerving solar eclipse portal, now we enter the "portal" of 1111 which turns the page from the old and opens up the next fresh new page of the next chapter. 

Clear your mind today and make space for intuition, alignment and growth. In the feminine energy laws & teachings, clarity comes through when you release the constant pushing and forcing forward and create space.

Use today to make space for pleasure, fun, play and anything that lights your heart up. A great question to ask is, "what did I love doing as a child?" or "how can I make this (task/experience/day) more pleasurable?". 


Spend time "playing pretend." This is a powerful technique and fun game that I do with my clients and students, where you simply walk through your day pretending the things you want are already real. This takes off the pressure of needing to "figure out how to make it happen" and simply BE in the experience of pretending you already have it. Now this doesn't mean we throw caution to the wind and taking action doesn't matter; however, it is a process of gaining clarity.

When you stop thinking about "what" you need to do in order to "make something happen," you shift perspectives and move yourself into the "end zone." In the end you can practice what's called "living in the end" and by simply doing this you connect to your greater vision which brings massive amounts of clarity. Not only that, but this practice is a sneaky and proven technique to magnetise exactly what you are manifesting. Let me know in the comments if you want to know more about this!


Don't force yourself to take crazy action today (unless it feels very easeful, exciting and expansive). Let yourself dream and get excited about what's to come. Visualizing holds all the information you need because it paints a picture of what you desire. A really powerful question to ask yourself as you visualize is "Who is the version of me who is living in this reality?"


It is time for you to CLAIM YOUR RISE.


You have turned the page and your new chapter begins today. Your new story where you are in charge. Where you claim your desires. Where you know your worth. Where you tap into your inner power, balance out your energetic code, and attract everything you could ever want. 


Like, comment and share this post with another powerful soulful human in your life who would appreciated it. Comment below what NEW BEGINNING is starting for you now and who you are stepping into becoming and being from here on out? 




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