What is Summer Solstice and How to Work with the Energy for Productivity & Success

cyclical harmony Jun 21, 2023
What is Summer Solstice and How to Work with the Energy for Productivity & Success

Happy Midsummer & Summer Solstice 


If you haven’t tuned into the ESSENCE episode this week all about what the summer solstice is and how to work with this energy for productivity and success, click here to do that now. 


Tune in to activate the powerful energy of this season for your success: 

  • Understand what the themes of summer solstice are and how to work with this energy for sacred success
  • Harnessing this PEAK productivity energy and how to activate this renewable energy battery pack
  • Understanding this key it ties in with your body’s menstrual cycle phase of ovulation
  • The MAIN pitfall of this season that can leave you exhausted and drained & how to avoid it
  • How the cosmic season of Cancer ties into this summer season energy for creating sustainable and sacred balance

PLUS, a BONUS MEDIATION for Activating the Flow State of this Summer Seasonal Energy!


As you read this, I am currently taking a week off in Sweden! The reason I am telling you this is because I am in Sweden for a very special and specific reason: MID-SUMMER! Mid-summer - no, not that scary horror movie - is a beautiful celebration of the season of summer and it is marked by the SUMMER SOLSTICE.



The Summer Solstice is TODAY, June 21st and mark’s the LONGEST day of the year! 

So, without further-ado, let's talk about how you can work together with this seasonal energy for increased productivity, sustainable balance, and epically sacred success. 

Summer solstice marks the LONGEST day of the year and the shortest night. The latin meaning translates into SUN for “sol” and “sistere” meaning “to stand still.” It seems that the sun “stands still” as it reaches the highest point in the sky before switching back to lower heights as the days then begin to get shorter again.


The Themes of the Summer Solstice: Masculine Peak Energy & Solar Plexus Chakra 

The themes of the summer solstice include abundance, culmination, and outward or external energy. 

This moment marks a height of masculine energy, as the sun is the representation of masculine energy. This means that masculine energy themes such as taking action, implementing structures, and creating success in the physical world are very supported right now.


To support this point further, the chakra that aligns with the summer solstice is the Solar Plexus. This is the energy center right around your belly button and represents the area of will power, inner confidence, strength, and personal power. All of these are necessary in fueling your projects with momentum and your creations with growth. This is a great time to work with your solar plexus energy and do some reflecting around your self confidence or take actions where you embody your personal power. 


Summer Solstice and the Cyclical Codes for Harmonious Living 

The summer solstice lines up with the cyclical codes I teach on for harmonious living. There are three main cyclical codes I teach on: the seasons, the moon phases, and your womb.  The season of summer aligns with the same energy as the ovulation phase or the full moon phase. Since they line up, you can cross reference so that you can work with this energy and themes during your phase of ovulation and the full moon. In other words, you don’t have to wait for next year’s summer solstice to be able to activate this energy and these themes in your life again. 


For all of the three cyclical codes, this correlating phase is a time when you have a lot of natural energy. You want to be out and about, socialize more, and say YES to life. You have the energy and the capacity to do more and you feel excited to be in flow with this energy. This is literally FLOW TIME! You can very naturally tap into flow so use this energy of the season to practice being in flow within work, productivity and in life as you surrender to the journey. 


This is a great time to use this energy for momentum in your work and for your sacred success. You have energy to work, get shit done and a greater desire to be SEEN. Promote yourself, sell your services, pitch yourself for a dream job, or launch your new product. Just make sure you are also making equal time for sacred balance in the form of FUN. You might feel you have unlimited energy but it’s important to sustain it by incorporating this balance NOW instead of later when you might be feeling like you’re hitting capacity. 


Summer Solstice Ritual


Spend an afternoon in nature. Pick a hike or a walk or a garden or meadow to be in. Find a space that feels inviting to you and give thanks. You can do this by preparing a picnic to bring or picking flowers to surround yourself with or to literally do the meditation that I guide you through in the Summer Solstice Essence Episode. Alternatively, light a candle to represent the fire heat - the element of this season - to honour this season and imagine it being the fire lit up within you that creates momentum and grows in warmth and abundance. 


How are you going to be tapping into this powerful summer solstice energy this season?


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