The "Grounding Zone" Tool for Reclaiming Your Power

subconscious redesign Sep 28, 2021

There are so many things that happen on a daily basis that seem out of your control, right?


The uncertainty of things can feel really heavy.


And the self-doubt can start to creep in, which has the potential to take you from cloud 9 all the way to 6 feet under.


You question…


  • Am I doing the right thing in my business? Maybe I should try X instead.
  • Is my boss happy with my performance? Maybe I should be more X.
  • What does my partner/the person I’ve been dating think about X? But should I really address it AGAIN?


I want to share the “Grounding Zone” with you.


This is a super powerful tool for shifting back into YOUR OWN power when life inevitably throws the next thing at you that is outside of your control.


Above is the graphic display of the “Grounding Zone”. 


The Set Up of the Zones  


The Inner Zone: is your inner grounding (aka the grounding zone). 

The inner zone is about you, your relationship with yourself, and seeing yourself as the center point of your life.

  • Personal power = this is the way in which you ground yourself in this inner zone. It is having this space to come back to that is yours, to root yourself whenever you need it, and then be able to go back out into the outer zone and show up for your life on your terms.
  • Self-Love & acceptance = this is a key aspect to actually feel fully whole in this inner zone and stand in your personal power. It's easy for our personal power to be taken away in the outer zone if you don't have a strong sense of self-love and acceptance, because any comment someone else makes has the potential to rip away your power. 
  • Fully whole = the important practice in this zone is seeing yourself as fully whole on your own. Now this doesn't mean you have to "do it all on your own" (in fact, asking for support is a way of standing in your power of this zone); however, to feel fully grounded simply with yourself. 


Outer Zone: Is the external realm of life. 

It includes your relationships, your job, your interactions with people, the things you "have" to do or the commitments you've made.

  • Intentional Connection = having relationships that ADD to your already grounded inner zone 
  • Communication = again, this outer zone is about external life, so it's about the external interactions you have and the people who are part of your life. The quality of those interactions and connections comes down to communication.
  • Life Bonuses = really what we want to do in this shift, is to see everything in the outer zone of life as bonuses, where there is no guarantee in how other peopler respond or what the outcomes are to things that are out of your control. 


Here’s how the grounding zone works and why it really comes down to a simple shift.


When we are "out there" living our lives, crushing our careers, and building our businesses, it can be really easy to get caught up in all of that, and begin mixing up ourselves with our creations. The lines between who we are and what we do start to blur. 


The “Grounding Zone” is creating a clear dividing line between the two and establishing where YOUR power lies.


When you  live too much “out there” (aka in the outer zone)... 

you start to let all those external things define you. And let’s be real, this applies to everyone because we have all been taught to value how we show up externally.


The Grounding Zone is the practice of coming back to your inherent value, power, and worth.


What happens when we stay out of the inner zone (aka the grounding zone) for too long, is that we begin to lose touch with our roots - the connection to your higher most authentic self. 


When you show up to live from a place of your higher self, you practice responding from a place of calmness, clarity, and love as opposed to from a place of stress, overwhelm and fear.


The best way I have found to explain all things related to work is through relationships:


Imagine things are feeling off with the person you are dating or something has come up with your partner leaving your questioning things. 

There’s a great experience of feeling ungrounded, uncertain or unstable. And those are not good feelings, especially if they simmer for too long and start to expand.

All those feelings, however, come from the external environment, based on how you are perceiving things and making a situation or action mean something specific. 

Now this doesn’t mean those situations don’t still need to be addressed, but they need to happen from a place where you feel strong and grounded in your power.


When it comes to stress, anxiety or overwhelm that comes up from work or your massive-to do list or the pressure to perform, the same things are true. 


The practice of the grounding zone: 


Sit down, get comfortable and close down your eyes.


Now I literally want you to imagine yourself sitting in the middle of this inner circle. This is your safe zone. Your space where you are surrounded by pure love. The rest of the world exists outside of this circle but you get to be here in peace.


Now, whatever the situation is that is making you feel ungrounded or stressed, I want you to imagine that it is moving further and further away from you to the outer ring of the outer circle.


In this space that you have now created in your inner circle, breathe back in the things you want more of for yourself. That might be clarity, strength, security, ease, or more self-love. Remember, this is about you and not about an external situation or person anymore.


Then come back to the situation at hand, and instead of seeing yourself floating out there in the outer zone, see yourself grounded in the middle of your inner zone, and make a decision from this space - YOUR space. 


You might literally make a decision or you can take this as a practice for coming back into your power without a decision at hand.


This is a great tool to use for yourself, but if you're often finding yourself in the outer zone, it may be a sign that it's time for some deeper work and releasing.


Take this as your chance to dive deeper, and book in a coaching consultation call today where we can chat about what that would look like! 



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