Why Feminine Energy is So Attractive

sacred balance Nov 18, 2022
Why is feminine energy so attractive

Are you ready to uncover just Why Feminine Energy is So attractive?!

If you're new here, the one thing you need to know about me and this space, is that we are constantly talking about how your feminine energy IS your superpower. It's such an important topic that I even wrote a book on it called Unleash Your Superpower! You can get exclusive access to it here. Which I highly recommend you do, because there are vast intricacies to understand about the masculine/feminine energy dynamics and how, although we talk about this powerful feminine energy, that is not the whole story.

The reason the energetics of the masculine and feminine are the core foundation of what we talk about in this space, is because this is truly how you create balance. This is the key piece to moving out of the overwhelm, the overworking and the hustle culture. This is the way to get out of the cycle of burnout and finally begin creating success in a way that actually feels good to you, where you are no longer sacrificing your well-being for your success. And, it is the way to step into your full and whole authenticity of who you are. As a womb-an, there is a powerful feminine energy within you that wants to be harnessed. When we reject this energy, we reject part of who we are. When harnessed, this energy allows you to claim your desires and live in alignment with your authentic purpose.


Why Feminine Energy is So Attractive: The Rejected Feminine 


In order to explain why feminine energy is so attractive, we first need to understand why this isn't something that we are naturally activating in our lives today. The short answer to that, is that you - and we collectively as a society - have been taught to reject the feminine energy. 

Unfortunately, most of us have been taught to live disconnected from this energy. You have been taught that is weak to be held, to surrender, to flow.⁠ You have been told that following your intuition isn't the way to success in a masculine-energy dominant working world. You have been told that you shouldn't need anyone else. That you should be independent and do it on your own. You have been reminded time and time again that your body is a nuisance and just a "problem" you have to deal with instead of actually trusting what it whispers to you.

You've been taught that the ONLY way to succeed is to show up in your masculine energy: compete, grind, do it all, show you're capable, and by no means, should you ever slow down or listen to your intuition.⁠ 

Let me be clear: This rejection of the feminine is no fault of your own. The societal conditionings and messages are what perpetuates these narratives. However, the reclamation of the feminine energy is your responsibility. 

The best part is, this energy already exists within you. It is part of who you are and acknowledging it is going to be how you reclaim your wholeness and allow yourself to be who you fully and completely (already) are. Just like a little light shining deep inside of you, no matter how much dust piles up on top of it, it keeps shining. Reclaiming your feminine energy is the process of dusting off this little light so you can shine bright once more as your truest and most authentic self.


Why Feminine Energy is So Attractive: The Magnetic Equation 


Feminine energy is so attractive because that little light that we just talked about is like the lighthouse.

Everything that you want is looking for that little light as a guide post for where it needs to go. The things you want - the relationship, the job, the business, the clients, the money, the vacation, the child, the novel - it's all possible for you. Your job is to BE in your feminine energy to become a magnet (aka the lighthouse) to the things you want. Think about it this way: if you are looking to meet someone out at a bar, you are going to want to be your most attractive self. Now this doesn't  pertain to looks but rather your energy. For example, even if you were wearing the sexiest little black dress, if you were slouched over in the corner, scrolling on your phone, with an irritated facial expression, exuding "do not talk to me" vibes ... well that's just not a very attractive energy. Seeing my point? 

Lets, just for argument sake, say you entered this bar wearing sweat pants. If you walked in there radiating sexy confident energy, standing tall, and walking with purpose like you owned the place, feeling mother f*cking good about yourself... well then, that is a very different energy from the previous scenario. Of course, wearing the sexy black dress can very well support the sexy confident energy, but it is truly about what you are radiating from within. And that is that little light bulb wanting to glow bright; that is your attractive feminine energy that makes you magnetic. 

Before I explain in more detail how you can become the magnetic match to the things you want, let's first break down Why feminine energy is so attractive with the "magnetic formula." There are a few main qualities of feminine energy that help you tap into this attractiveness on a daily basis, to the point where being in your magnetic feminine energy is just a normal part of your life.



Feminine energy reminds us to have fun and not take things so seriously. When you make time and space for play and rest in your life, you open yourself up to receiving clarity and guidance for how to move forward... and you therefore attract what you desire into your life.⁠

This is where inner child connection is a powerful practice. Do things your inner child loves. Paint, draw, play, swim, run, dance, sing. Whatever you loved doing as a kid, how can you experience that same feeling of carefree-ness now? 

Rest is a huge part of this point as well, which is why I have an entire course on the foundational embodiment of feminine energy called Rest for Success. When you create space to be in an "ebb" phase... to slow down and tune in ... that is when you create space from the pressure and the forcing (which is often what we fall into from a "masculine-energy" default when we are working towards a goal). Creating time to rest is a core part of any success strategy.



Feminine energy values pleasure over pressure. When you focus on the pleasure of where you are at, what is working, and what you are enjoying, that energy expands. The feminine finds pleasure in even the most mundane things.⁠

Pleasure also pertains to self-pleasure, sensual pleasure and sexual pleasure. These are practices of harnessing your feminine power, giving up control, being held, and owning your desires. Pleasure in a nutshell is all about authentically claiming your desires. Oftentimes we are so scared about what other people will think about the things we deeply want, that we opt for not sharing them or going after them. When you practice naming and claiming your desires, your feminine energy becomes attractive because you literally have clarity in what you are calling in. You also allow yourself to be authentic in who YOU are and shine your bright light onto this world. And that is an incredible attractive energy to claim and radiate. 


Feminine energy lives in a state of flow and reminds you to do the same. She brings a feeling of being held so that you can TRUST the ebbs and flows of your life. You become attractive because you are living in a state of peace rather than trying to micromanage the universe.⁠

The ego is really freaking good at keeping us in doubt and fear, where we are left questioning our desires, our worth and our capabilities. However your inner being - your most authentic self - does not live in doubt or fear. So when your inner being trusts and your ego does not, there is a disconnect. We've all been there right? When we know something has to be done but we feel fearful about it. First of all, that is totally normal. The feminine energy however supports you in leaning into that trust and optimism.

Again, this is why feminine energy is so attractive because nothing can flow to you when you are blocking the path with doubt and fear. That is resistance energy. When you lean into trusting, you practice the art of surrendering. You keep the channel clear between where you are and where you want to be to magnetise what you want into your life.


All this results in MAGNETISM.

When you lean into these qualities and practice them in daily life, your energy is quite literally experiencing such a "good feeling state" that you cannot help but attract more of that goodness. 



Why Feminine Energy is So Attractive: Becoming a Massively Successful CEO of Your Life


There are  a multitude of ways that you can use and implement feminine energy, for example in your relationships, in your self-care, in your pleasure and body practices. Here we talk about feminine energy as it pertains to work and success.

So similarly to attracting a partner into your life, you want to be equally "attractive" to any other things you want to be attracting. Think about the things you want as though they were "energetic entities." Your business or job or book deal is a "being." You want it, that's clear. But in order for it to come to you, you gotta turn on this magnetic feminine energy and become attractive to this thing as well. 

Practicing play & fun, pleasure & sensuality, and trust & optimism are fantastic ways to start harnessing the attractive feminine energy for yourself. Incorporate the parts of the formula in small ways into your daily life. Think about the thing that you want and how attractive it feels to you. Now how can you match that attractiveness so that you are equally as attractive to "it."

This is exactly what the feminine does. This is why feminine energy is so attractive. This is why unleashing and activating the energy is the key to your balance, abundance, and success.  


What is ONE PIECE of the formula you will implement to harness your own attractive feminine energy?

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