Why Rest is a Core Component to Your Success

cyclical harmony sacred success Nov 25, 2022
Why Rest is a Core Component to Your Success


My Unpopular Opinion about Success 

Here is my unpopular opinion... well, at least an unpopular opinion by societal standards: Rest is crucial for your success. 

Yes, I know we all understand the importance of self-care, but I'm not necessarily talking about face-masks, epson salt baths, or getting 7+ hours of sleep (although those things all sound pretty damn good right about now as I sit at my desk writing this and I literally feel the cold of the winter weather outside). However, what I'm talking about far surpasses that and goes much deeper. Here's Why you need to Rest for Success.


As usually, in order to really dive into this topic, we have to talk about what our current reality teaches us. We are taught a very specific kind of narrative around rest. In all honesty, it's a very sneaky narrative because logically we all understand the importance of rest and getting good sleep and taking breaks... but when it comes to actually doing it somehow it doesn't end up translating. 

Are you familiar with this? You know you "should" do a morning routine where you take care of yourself but it ends up just being another to-do list you need to check off that creates a sense of stress. You understand that it would be "better" if you took an intentional 30 minute lunch break but instead you work through or forget to eat all together. When you do take time off on a Sunday with the intention of cozying up on the couch with a good book, your mind somehow wraps you back up in thoughts about work, the fact that the house needs to be cleaned, you remember the laundry needs to be folded and that you need to add butter to your grocery list, and the fact that you haven't called your mom in a week, and you should probably go do all of that right now.


Let me know in the comments below is this resonates. This is what goes on in most of our minds, so even when we "try" to rest, we have to ask the question... "Am I truly resting?"


When You're Stressed, Overwhelmed, and Burnout You Reach for A Better Structure


Be honest with yourself right now. When you're feeling all of that overwhelm, what is your natural response?

I'm willing to bet its to attempt to organize and gain some sense of control over the chaos. Am I right? This is a total normal response for our human psyches. Stress on a survival level has always indicated danger and the last thing you want to do when you sense "danger," is to lie down and do nothing. 

But then how do we make the shift to where resting feels safe? How do we give ourselves permission to pause when our nervous system tells us there is danger and we must keep going at all costs.

The solution that you then reach for is a better structure. Once again, the mind goes, "how can I create order and control amidst this chaos?"

As someone who spent years living and working and striving and burning out in her wounded and unhealthy masculine energy, and who has now found success in a completely unconventional & easeful path... I'm going to let you in on a little secret: You don't need a better structure.

What you need is to learn how to manage and work together with your energy ... specifically your inner feminine energy in order to balance out the heavy masculine. One major way to do this is to reclaim the feminine by practicing the art of rest. What you need is to create your rhythm of rest.


One major way to do this is to reclaim the feminine by practicing the art of rest. 


More Structure isn't the Solution 


Let me explain this with an example. A., a client of mine, had been super structured focus when we first started working together and after diving into mindset work around what had been causing her overwhelm and feelings of lack of time, we moved into slowly creating a structure for her wherein she could flow. The thing is, the solution at its core is not actually about the structure. The structure is good and important and helpful, but just focusing on the structure is going to give you new overwhelm with all the same problems. She got really excited about the structure, but the structure itself was beginning to become the overwhelming thing. She was burning out again.

This is why mindset work around releasing the old narratives around the masculine expectations of work and rest as well as creating safety around the feminine needs to come first. Otherwise, it actually doesn't matter what kind of structure you want to implement, it will always play out in the same way because the underlying programming in your subconscious mind has not changed. 

The root cause was clear: she wasn’t able to incorporate balance into the structure because she believed “rest” and doing “non-productive” tasks were “lazy” or pointless. If you have this belief, you might be a master structure creator or feel like you are able to be productive, but if you are truly honest with yourself, you're simultaneously lacking balance. So many of us have the conditioning as rest as “bad” (God knows I struggled with this), so understanding the importance of rest and wasting time is a game changer.


Ultimately, it has nothing to do with having a better structure. Although if you truly have no structure at all then you are most likely too heavily in your unbalanced/wounded feminine energy and do need a container to hold you. But none of this strict structure shit. Then right away you're swinging back into unbalanced masculine energy. 

What you actually need, is to heal the underlying beliefs, narratives and expectations around work and success that are causing the stress, overwhelm, and burnout cycles. Until you do this, you will continue to try structure after structure but ending up in the same overwhelmed outcome. Again, it all starts with reclaiming the feminine and living in your rhythm of rest. After all, rest is meant to be a rhythm, not a reward.


A new structure isn't going to get you a better result. You need to heal your inner beliefs and narratives around work, if you want a different result.



We are Addicted to the Chaos 


The desire to control chaos is totally natural for our society because if you're like most people, you have grown up in some level of chaos and therefore you feel very comfortable in that space. This can range anywhere from having been on the go-go-go always as a kid moving between school, soccer practice, and gymnastics (this is a level of chaos) all the way to having grown up in a household where there was chaos such as anger, outbursts, emotional instability, and so on (another level of chaos). 


Overworking is a trauma response where we live in a pattern of being addicted to the chaos because that's what feels safe.


The reason resting is so hard and you feel guilty and you feel you need to earn it is because the chaos is what feels safe. This is also why overworking is often a form of a trauma response. It is a way to cope with our current reality by not having to deal with it and instead staying busy. 

When you slow down you come face to face with parts of your life and of yourself that you simply don't have time to look at when you're busy on the move. 

On top of that, we have now noramlized this new level of stress. Our nervous systems in many ways live with higher levels of stress today than hundreds of years ago when there was war, famine, and predators. Back then the stress came every once in a while for a particular external reason... now it's constant and internal.  The modern nervous system is so out of whack that we need to take time to slow down (hello rest!) to safely heal it and create balance between the masculine & the feminine within ourselves. Leaning into the feminine through rest is how you do this.



Rest as a Core Component of Success: Reconnecting with Your Body 


This is why the work we do here focuses on reclaiming your inner feminine energy because this is how you reinstate balance within yourself and in your life, heal your body and magnetise actual sustainable success.

Listening and being in tune with your body is a feminine energy teaching. In our working world we have been taught time and time again to disregard the body. You've got your period - suck it up. You're feeling sick? Go to work or else you'll fall behind.

The two things we seem to have forgotten is that 1) you need your body to achieve everything you want to in this life and 2) your body is actually on your side and constantly communicating with you. Your body is your vehicle. If you’re exhausted, tired, burnout - then you’re running your car into the ground. And it doesn’t matter where you are going, you’re going to have a really hard time getting there. 



Why Rest is a Core Component of Your Success: Rest for Success


The signature feminine embodiment course Rest for Success is the foundational course for healing and reclaiming your feminine energy. Moreover, reconnecting, reclaiming, healing and activating your inner feminine energy is the key to claiming and achieving your desired success. 

Your feminine energy is your superpower - this is what makes you magnetic to everything you could ever want, enables you to live authentically and aligned in your purpose, and ultimately ensures that you live a life based in pleasure and enjoyment on your terms

As we've discussed, the majority of society - which includes most of us here - live heavily in our masculine energy. As women we have been taught to disregard our feminine in the realm of work specifically so that we can be independent, lead, take control, and be successful. But it is not sustainable because it is not authentic to our true nature when we are just trying to fit ourselves inside of a box. In truth it is not actually the smartest or fastest path to success.


This is your call to join the revolution & the rise of the feminine

In Rest for Success I teach you the feminine path to success - organizing your time and energy to get more done ON YOUR Terms and with more ease and less (aka no more of that burnout shit!).  And that is exactly what you are doing in rest for success - one of the CORE feminine qualities is the practice of slowing down, creating space, surrendering, connecting to our intuition - all of which we do WHEN WE “rest” 


If you are overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out, and in or nearing burnout, get on the waitlist. If you are thinking “there must be a better way to work so that I am not always in this cycle of feeling behind and not having enough time and energy” then you are right, and you’ve got to get on that waitlistIf you feel you should be doing more self-care or prioritizing your own well-being more than you are right now, get on the waitlist.


If you think you do prioritize balance and self-care but at the same time you see everything on your own (mental) to-do list as another chore - like taking a mental health walk, going to the gym, mediating, journaling, reading personal development books, etc. - get on the waitlist!


If you are sick and tired of doing the absolute most, trying so hard to get the results you want in your career, business or personal life and are frustrated by the fact that it’s not happening fast enough even though you are doing EVERYTHING possible… get on the waitlist (you don’t need to be working so hard to be successful).


THEN THIS IS YOUR CALL. This is your sign to explore your feminine side, activate your inner superpower, and join Rest for Success. 

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If you are still unsure as to whether this course is literally made for you (because yes, i did make it with you in mind!), watch the youtube video and get clarity on your next step.


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