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Work Like a Womb-an & Ignite Your Sacred Success

Is your soul craving a simplified and straightforward pathway to success that is sustainable, holistic, and customized to your own cyclical nature?


Then you are on the right page right now &

   your intuition brought you here!


Where healing your hustle meets working like a womb-an for creating a life based in a Freedom Frequency.


I GET IT! You are done with the old narrative of success, outdated one-size-fits-all way of hustling to create success and you just KNOW there MUST be a better way.

Welcome to Freedom Frequency, where we align your work-style & goals with your body's & womb's cyclical nature to create a life of holistic success. Are you tired of the endless cycle of burnout or exhaustion, feeling disconnected from your body, and operating against its natural flow?

It's time to embrace a new way of achieving success—one that honours your unique feminine energy and empowers you to heal your hustle through the transformative process of body recoding and subconscious redesign. Say goodbye to the old ways of working and step into a journey of self-discovery and sacred success: The Womb-an Way.


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Do These Sound Familiar?

✔ Your productivity fluctuates wildly, leaving me frustrated when you expect yourself to be productive but then feel like you end up wasting the entire day 


✔ You are living in a constant race against time and at war with your schedule. There just isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done and you feel in an ever present state of rushing, trying to keep up and get it all done.


✔  You want the train to leave "procrastination station" and not feel stuck in this state of not being able to move anything forward.


✔ You wake up most days feeling low on energy, and find yourself reaching for that 5th cup of coffee. Still, the time to really slow down and rest just isn’t available. 


✔ You feel stressed or anxious most of the time. Whether it be about the presentation at work, the pressure to sign more clients in your business, or the loooong to-do list at home, your mind is working on constant overdrive.


✔ You have experienced a lot of great success in your life, but if you’re really honest with yourself, you realize that you have been living out the dreams of someone else, based on their expectations, and you are left feeling unfulfilled with the end result.


✔ You know the importance of prioritizing goals and implementing the time-management strategies, but are fed up because no matter how often you try implementing these habits, they don’t seem to stick or aren’t really free-ing up more time.


✔ You are exhausted with the masculine driven way with the “boss-babe hustle” stamp of approval, that hasn’t been sustainable and led to a cycle of burnout.

You may have experienced great successes. But at what cost?

This is where you stop sacrificing your well-being for success and

choose a new way.

I Want to Choose a New Way

Here's the PROBLEM with the way You've been taught "success."



Societal structures of work, productivity, time-management and success are teaching you to disregard the body and your cyclical nature.

 9-5 was made for men based on the 24-hour male hormone cycle 

 Not aligned with female biology - you have a monthly hormone cycle - aka your menstrual cycle

 It’s a “one-size-fits-all" system that was not made with womb-en'  cyclical ebb and flow nature or productivity, focus and energy levels.

 it’s ineffective and not actually the most productive path.

✔ It focuses on the external results only as opposed to the holistic being and multi-dimensions to success.


So WHY are we working AGAINST the natural cycle of energy, focus, and productivity? This is WHY you feel burnout, tired, overworked, exhausted, and all the other symptoms that I mentioned above.


Your cyclical nature is the natural and holistic path to success.

Get ready for your success

Glow Up

Like a Womb-an.


inside Freedom Frequency 


The Solution to Holistic, Sustainable and Long-lasting Success, is to Work together WITH your Womb.


Healing the hustle around the old narratives you have worked within up until now and cycle syncing with your goals optimizes productivity, enhances energy, increases clarity, allows creativity to flow, ignites focus and in turn creates more success. This is your BLUEPRINT.

Women can be successful AND be feminine. Actually, it works better that way; to work with your cycle  MEANS to be MORE SUCCESSFUL


Get Ready for this Reality


 You are able to effortlessly tap into productivity & flow state, no longer trapped in the endless pursuit of it. 

✔ You have clear goals aligned with your true purpose and mission, no longer questioning if you are on the right path or if the actions you are taking will get you to the result you want.

✔ You are living a flowy and spacious lifestyle based in freedom where your well-being and pleasure in life directly fuels your success.

✔ You are experiencing greater success with less effort, following nature’s path of least resistance through living with your cyclical nature  

✔ You have spaciousness and time in your days, setting up your work-style to compliment your lifestyle and still get everything done … with enough time to play. 

✔ You wake up feeling energized with enhanced energy levels throughout the day, increasing your focus and ability to get things done efficiently. 

 ✔ You have become magnetic AF to the goals and lifestyle you desire, as you are tapped into your inner creative and abundance flow, and this is being reflected in your reality now.


Let your success flow


As the sole coach of the transformative Freedom Frequency program, I bring over 5+ years of expertise in life and success coaching over 70 womb-en, specializing in NLP subconscious reality shifting, and nervous system healing. My own personal journey has been marked by profound challenges, including years of disconnection from my body due to being on birth control, deeply intertwining my productivity with my sense of worth, and consequently overworking myself. I've grappled with disregarding my body's needs in an attempt to meet external expectations and seek validation through meeting societal standards.

Having experienced the detrimental effects of ignoring the wisdom of my own body, I have dedicated myself to understanding the intricate relationship between holistic well-being and authentic success. Through my own transformational journey, I have learned the true importance of aligning work with the innate rhythms of the body and integrating self-care as a non-negotiable component of success.

With a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding cyclical living, coupled with my firsthand experience of the tolls of toxic productivity and disconnected living, I am committed to guiding you on a path toward holistic healing and empowerment. Together, we will unravel the layers of conditioning and redefine your relationship with work and success, nurturing a profound connection with your body and fostering a life of freedom, alignment, and authentic fulfillment.


There's a very specific reason I've supported over 70 clients create MORE time, MORE ease, and MORE success...


Because they have healed and embodied a holistic approach for success... Like A Womb-an.


Unlike traditional coaching programs or productivity strategies, Freedom Frequency goes beyond surface-level strategies and taps into the deep-rooted relationship between your body, mind, and spirit. This holistic perspective path to success and revolutionary approach of 

We prioritize holistic healing and sustainable transformation, guiding you through a journey that encompasses not only professional success but also personal growth and fulfillment. Our focus on the feminine energy and the power of the womb sets OH Flow apart, creating a unique and nurturing space for your evolution and self-discovery.


Now it’s your turn


the deets 



✔ Personalized coaching calls per month tailored to your specific needs and goals 

✔ Guidance on syncing your work with your menstrual cycle for enhanced productivity and well-being to work in synergy with your body's natural rhythms..

✔ Setting your frameworks for Working Like a Womb-an for effective time management, goal setting, and executing your visions with grace and ease.

✔ Healing sessions focused on body re-coding from the trauma of toxic hustle and harmful success narratives, to reclaim your energy and rewrite your subconscious mind for a sustainable and empowering approach to work and success.

✔ A growing library of resources for your womb-an work, including time management, effective planning, clearing tools, goal execution aligned with your body's natural rhythms, and more.

✔ Ongoing support throughout the coaching experience to always have support just a minute away.

Choose Your Freedom Flow

Flexible investment plans based on durations and sessions


Ranging from 500-1000€/month.
With payment plans available.

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