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 Activate Your Cyclical Soul-Cess Strategy to Magnetize Sacred Success


Are you tired of the relentless grind, the constant hustle, and the never-ending pursuit of the next big thing? It's time to rewrite the story of success, reconnect with your inner rhythms, and embrace the power of rest as a sacred key to your ultimate success. Welcome to "Rest for Success," an 8-week self-study and on-demand signature course that guides you through a revolutionary journey to unlock your cyclical success strategy for sacred "SOUL-CESS."


In a world that glorifies perpetual doing and hustle, we've forgotten the ancient wisdom that we, as human beings, are innately cyclical. It's time to break free from the chains of overwork, burnout, and overwhelm by harnessing the power of the feminine flow. This course is your pathway to liberation, leading you towards success that aligns with your desires, values, and authentic self, for a life based in FREEDOM.


It's time to Reclaim Your Cyclical Nature for Unprecedented Success!

Teach me to Rest for Success!

It's time to Break Free from the Hustle and Burnout


Let me know if this sounds a bit like what you're experiencing right now...


✔ You're Spread too thin, waking up stressed and with your nervous system immediately in overdrive 

You're juggling endless to-do lists, pouring yourself into your work, and feeling like the weight of the world rests on your shoulders. So much needs to get done, and it's all on you.


✔ Your feeling exhausted and Burnout (or on the verge of it)

Are you tired of feeling perpetually burnt out, your energy drained as you navigate the relentless hustle? This forcing yourself into momentum and action is getting really old and the lack of momentum is frustrating AF. 


✔ Your feeling off course and lacking clarity in your direction & how to get there

Are you yearning for a life that feels on track, purposeful, and aligned with your true self? Are you ready to be DONE living a life that feels like it’s run off course (a lot or a little) but you don’t know how to adjust or where to go next.


✔ You're frustrated AF Cause you know you want more in this life... but HOW, when there are only so many hours in the day?

Have you ever felt like the life in your head doesn't quite match your current reality? 

✔ You grew up believing success has to be hard earned work and so you are stuck in a cycle of overworking.

Say goodbye to the false belief that success requires sacrificing your well-being. It's time to flip the script and use your well-being as a catalyst for achievement. Imagine thriving, growing, and expanding while feeling nourished, vibrant, and aligned.


Rest for Success is your gateway to breaking free from these struggles and embracing a new paradigm of cyclical soul-cess. Say farewell to burnout, uncertainty, and sacrificing your well-being for success. Say hello to balance, clarity, and a life where rest fuels your growth and achievement. Are you ready to transform your reality by revolutionizing your approach to success? 



This life-transforming course has your name ALL over it IF you're desiring... 


 More SPACIOUSNESS in your day for getting everything DONE and AFTER getting it done, so that you can go ENJOY your life you're building.

Increased creativity and innovative ideas for solutions and clarity on your projects & direction.

 Expanded Energy, no longer sacrificing your well-being for your desired success and now working together with your body, feeling energized, focused, motivated and productive.   

✔ Ignited flow and released the pressure to always be pushing forward. You have released your tight grip on control of the timeline and trust that everything is happening at the right time.

Activated CLARITY on your success codes and guidance system for exactly how to work in flow & productivity, and experience more rest & pleasure in order to create glowed up success. 

More calm and ease in your life, as you have brought your body OUT of the high pressure stress environment and shifted your nervous system back into a "rest and digest" state.



This transformational journey is tailor-made for driven, busy women ready to embrace their role as the "FLOW CEO" of their lives. Whether you're a mother, a professional climbing the corporate ladder, a CEO, a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a coach/healer, if you're a womb-en seeking to revolutionize your work, this course is your ultimate gateway to sacred success and genuine freedom.
OMG This is me, where do I sign up?

So HOW Do You Create A Life of this FLOW & FREEDOM?


HERE'S UGLY TRUTH: The Way You've been Taught to Work Isn't Working.

Or at least hasn't been working for you as well as it could. The conditioning and structures that society has taught you to work within, is based on a model of success that is LINEAR. This success teaches SCARCITY; that there is never enough time, energy, or space to get everything done and as soon as you finish one thing, you go straight into the next thing. Linear success creates an ever-present need to strive and teaches you that this "hard work," go-go-go, and need to be productive ALL THE TIME is THE ONLY WAY to be successful and reach your BIG goals.

THIS is simply not true. And you probably aren't tapping into your true potential (yet) due to how you’ve been taught to work.


Statistics show that people are neglecting their need for rest, sacrificing their well-being for success, and ultimately missing out on a life fully lived. Translating this statistic, this means that the neglect for "rest" also is a neglect to our innate cyclical nature as humans. In ever cycle there are FLOWS (where you are productive, focused, and able to get a lot done locking in those big goals) and there are EBBS. These EBBS are where you are meant to rest, regenerate, regroup, and reflect. These are innate phases of your cyclical nature, and since these are not encouraged and taught by society, no wonder we have a health epidemic where more people are struggling with stress (high cortisol levels) and ending up burnt out trying to "make it." This is why the KEY to success is reclaiming your inner essence as a cyclical being in order to create MORE success through leaning into this cycle in its entirety: and that includes REST. 



This is the one solution you’ve been looking for, to create sustainable balance, become a time-bender, expand your energy and prioritize your well being without sacrificing your goals… And it’s exactly what I am going to be teaching you over the next 8-weeks.

As the creator of the OH FLOW framework, that has supported 70+ women, I will be guiding you from this place of exhaustion and imbalance to the realm of holistic success. Through three foundational phases—Intuition Activation, Embodiment, and Magnetism—I'll help you activate rest as the essential, often forgotten component of the cyclical framework for success... as well as all of the other parts as well!




So there is a CLEAR formula of how you revolutionize your work to become magnetic to the success you want AND sustain it… and I’ve got you covered: 


This is broken down into three main phases inside Rest For Success


Phase 1: INTUITIVE ACTIVATIONfor belief healing & success trauma release so that you can release the old narratives of work and step into a new REALITY & IDENTITY 


Phase 2: EMBODIMENT for implementing the NEW flow frameworks and CYCLICAL systems for productivity, time expansion, limitless energy. (This isn’t just a goal strategy but a literal foundation for your LIFE. 


Phase 3: MAGNETISM the outcome of creating a life where you KNOW how to use your body, womb, etc. to easily work towards and attract what you desire - become a magnet to it. 



Step into your life that looks like THIS. 

This is the Version of you who Identifies as a "FLOW CEO" of your OWN LIFE where you have... 



   You no longer believe you have to push yourself to work so hard & be “on” all the time. You no longer feel the need to prove yourself through your productivity or how hard or long you work. And instead you believe the more you slow down, the more you speed up  

✔ You believe deeply that the more space you create to enjoy is a key part of HOW you are getting resultsFlow comes easy and rest is frequent as your energy tank fills back up, and you flow between work and rest, excited and energized for the day ahead.   

 You know fully and completely that all your work continues to GROW even when you aren’t “in” it. You love where you are at right now because you have a deep trust in all that is already on its way to you. Now you can really truly enjoy the process and journey towards your business empire, your published novel, your keynote speaking event, your new found alone time or your soulmate relationship.

 You have a direct line to your body's wisdom, your intuition, and the flow that guides you toward aligned actions. You live a life where decisions come with ease, where you know exactly what steps to take, and where you're intimately connected with your powerful intuition 

 Imagine this life where where you work in this way so that you are MAGNET to success. YOU get to be the curator of your life; You are traveling the world, buying your penthouse apartment in the city, investing in a new business endeavour, serving hundreds of soul-aligned clients, or financing your dream wedding. 


This course isn't just about achieving your goals; it's about experiencing life to its fullest. By activating your cyclical success strategy, you'll expand your energy, have more time for meaningful experiences, and ultimately live in your "freedom frequency."

Here's how it's going down inside "Rest For Success"


✨Access to the Rest for Success Online Portal
As soon as you enroll, you will receive access to the portal with all 6 lessons plus the additional 2 "office hour" replays. You will have life-long access to this content.

✨6 full-length, in depth Workbooks
To practice and implement everything you are learning over the 8-weeks with total ease

✨6 x 1 hour Lessons with Olivia - dive deep into the content for creating your rhythm of rest, expanding your results through doing less, and magnetizing success, taught by Olivia 

✨2 x 1 hour "office hours" replays, valued packed with questions from past students and  implementation support from Olivia.

✨Access to the OH Flow Community
Connect with other current and past members and support each other on your journey. This is a great way to find an accountability partner to stay on track and get support with implementing all the tools.

✨ BONUS MODULE: Womb Wisdom. Dive into the energetics of your womb space, align your actions with your natural cycles through womb mapping, and understand how hormone levels impact stress. 

✨ BONUS MODULE: Cosmic Balance Code. Unlock your cosmic roadmap to discover your magic of cycle syncing with the moon, creating harmony by mapping your week in sync with the planets for potent planetary planning, and decoding your personal birth chart for unparalleled balance and success. 

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Your Clear Pathway to Cyclical Soul-Cess

As you complete the course, you'll walk away with a crystal-clear cyclical success strategy, the cornerstone of your flow state and sustainable balance. This personalized approach will empower you to magnetize any goal—be it in your career, business, relationships, family, or personal growth. By activating your cyclical success strategy, you'll not only shift your energy, but you'll also bend time and create more space for a life filled with joy, pleasure, and fulfillment.

Are you ready to rewrite the rules of success and embrace the cyclical rhythm of your life? Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and sacred success. Enroll in "Rest for Success" now and become the master of your destiny through the power of rest and cyclical alignment. Your soul-cess awaits.



I have lead 70+ women to revolutionize the way the work to activate their cyclical flow strategy and successfully create bigger results, more time, and magnetised their deepest desires.



Ready to tap into your FLOW path to Sacred Success? 



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So by now you're seeing that this is like no other course you've ever seen before, teaching the feminine wisdom and cyclical art of success through the realm of rest!


What if you chose ease and abundance over hustle and stress?


What if you had the tools to effortlessly tap into flow revolutionize your success?


You hold the codes. You can activate them Now with a simple choice, and it's all YOURS. 

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