Subconscious Redesign (NLP) tools for Healing the Way You've been Conditioned to Work & Reinstating Flow

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  • Identify the exact (sneakily hidden) saboteurs standing in your way of the success you desire with a simply and effective quiz
  • My twist on this simple yet powerful subconscious redesign technique to melt away productivity blocks, dissolve anxiety, & liberate yourself from the stress and overwhelm of being spread too thin.

  • You will lock in this shift and whatever blocks, saboteurs or daily stresses standing in your way of creating more abundance, freedom and sacred success will simply be gone now.

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Did you know that your biggest opponent when it comes to being massively successful, is actually - YOU?


Well, actually, it's your mind!


Your brain is wired for SURVIVAL, which means that stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing things that are new and scary sets off ALL the alarm signals. 


If you are stressed with everything you’re juggling, feeling constricted with time, and drained on a consistent basis, lacking the motivation, creativity and flow state to be able to work productively and see serious progress, there may be some sneaky and secret success saboteurs hiding in your mind. 


With my twist on this simple yet powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming subconscious redesign technique I will be walking you through in this guide, you will melt away productivity blocks, dissolve anxiety, and liberate yourself from the stress of being spread too thin.


Let’s slash those saboteurs so that you can revel in the satisfaction of your sacred success.


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So, What is SubConscious ReDesign?

And Why is it a Foundational Pillar of the OH Flow Framework?

Subconscious Re-Design is the process of using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to release limiting & self-sabotaging beliefs, empowering you to step into your expanded identity of success. 

By harnessing the power NLP, we can actually go in and ReDesign Your Subconscious Mind for YOUR desired success. Through SubConscious ReDesign, we facilitate the release of limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs, empowering you to step into your expanded identity of success. Through this transformative process, you will unlock your true potential and embrace a glow-ed up life where you effortlessly magnetize sacred success. My mission is to guide you in reprogramming your subconscious mind, enabling you to break free from old patterns, transcend limitations, and manifest a life filled with purpose, abundance, and radiant success.


Includes things such as: 

  • ✔ Understanding and learning how to work together WITH your subconscious mind as opposed to against it 

  •  Limiting belief blasting and identity revolution so that you can Glow Up into your Next Level Success

  •  Techniques including EFT, Time Technique, Hypnosis, Meditation Activations

It's time to release ALL the beliefs that have kept you in overworking, overdoing, hightened stress, and created blocks between you and your Freedom AF Life! 
More about the OH FLOW Framework

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