The Beginngers Guide to the Success Cycle: Achieving Goals like a Womb-an

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The Success Cycle: A Beginngers Guide

Success, it's a word that carries a lot of weight and meaning in our lives. Yet, it often feels like an elusive dream, leaving many of us drained, burnt out, overworked, and never quite sure of exactly how to ensure that we will actually "get" the success we so deeply want. Society has ingrained in us limiting beliefs about success, pushing us towards a relentless pursuit of our goals, often at the expense of our well-being. 

But what if there was a different way? In this beginners guide, I will be sharing my (now not so) "secret" strategy - the Cycle of Success. This is a powerful framework that I have created over years of personal and professional experience, that aligns with your cyclical nature as a women and offers a more sustainable path to achieving your dreams. Today, I'll be taking you through this transformational framework that has become the cornerstone of my life and work. 


Why Success Feels Like an Uphill Battle 


Before diving into the Cycle of Success, let's address why success often feels so hard, like a constant uphill battle. Success often comes with a lot of pressure, harmful conditionings, and limiting beliefs. Society has conditioned us to work tirelessly, adopting a linear approach to success that perpetuates burnout and exhaustion. This approach demands more and more, all too often at the expense of our own well-being. As women, these society expectations have their own implications of burnout and overworking and exhaustion. Why is it that something we so deeply desires can leave us feeling drained, overwhelmed and disconnected from our own well-being? Let's dive deeper into this phenomenon. 

Success feels hard because we've been taught to believe in limiting, soul-sucking myths about it. You can read more about this in my blog posts "Work Like A Woman," "What is the Work Revolution," and "The Myth of Sacrificing Your Well-Being For Success." These posts delve into how these societal norms perpetuate the belief that we must sacrifice our health and happiness for success, and what specifically the effect this as for us as womb-en. 


The Birth of the Cycle of Success:


Let's rewind about five years ago, when I found myself trapped in a never ending cycle of burnout. I was living disconnected from my body, struggling with low energy levels, and overwhelmed by fatigue. You see, as an OF Type-A control freak, overachiever, perfectionist and people pleaser, I was pushing myself to the brink with my high expectations and it had to stop. But it was all I knew. 

My transformation began during a yoga teacher training where everything came to a head. I embarked on a journey to heal my toxic relationship with success and create a life and career that offered true freedom (my number one value!). 

At first, as someone who seeks control, it was incredibly challenging for me to "let go and flow," but that is exactly what OH Flow is all about now. Over the past four years, I've been practicing this version of success, that I call sacred success, through a cyclical approach to life and work. I've had the privilege of coaching over 70+ women in healing from burnout, moving out of overwhelmed, and building a cyclical strategy for their own sacred success and freedom based life. 


What is the Cyclical Success Strategy? 


Nature itself operates in cycles, and since we are part of nature, so do we. We are therefore cyclical beings. While society and the realm of work have enforced a 24-hour model to life (aka the 9-5), it's crucial to recognize that over 50% of the world do not work on that 24 hour cycle; yes, I am talking about us women. While the male hormone cycle is based on a 24-hour rhythm, the female hormone cycle is based on a 28-day (or monthly) rhythm. We have been taught and conditioned to work within a linear structures like the 9-5 workday, when we are actually missing the point. It is time to embrace a cyclical mindset and strategy to work and success.


The Beginners Guide to the Cycle of Success


Now, let's delve into the heart of this blog post - the "Cycle of Success." This transformative framework challenges conventional thinking about success and aligns with your natural cyclical rhythms as an individual. The Cycle of Success consists of four phases: Innovation, Illumination, Culmination and Regeneration. These four phases align with the menstrual cycle, the phases of the moon and the four seasons. Each phase is essential for any project to reach successful completion. 

PHASE 1: INNOVATION (Follicular Phase)

This is the phase of fresh ideas and new beginnings. It's equivalent to the season of spring, where everything comes to life. During this phase, your focus should be on brainstorming and planning your upcoming project or goal. 

PHASE 2: ILLUMINATION (Ovulatory Phase)

Just like the peak of summer when everything is in full bloom, illumination is the phase of your project creation where your ideas flourish, the project is launched, and you are in full execution mode. It's time to take action and put your plans into motion.


As autumn arrives and nature begins to wind down, the culmination phase of a project is about wrapping things up. It's the phase of creation where you fine-tune your projects, complete tasks and begin reflecting as you come to completion.

PHASE 4: REGENERATION (Menstrual Phase)

Winter represents a time of rest and renewal. Similarly, the menstrual phase it is a time of creation where rest and rejuvenation are in order. Often forgotten and disregarded, this phase of creation is the PAUSE which is crucial to not only the sustainability of the goal or project you just completed but also of your future successes and creations. 


Why Having a Cyclical Success Strategy Matters

Embracing the Cycle of Success brings numerous benefits, allowing you to harness your natural rhythm to achieve your goals. With this strategy you'll experience: 

  • More energy and vitality throughout the month as you work with your body as opposed to against its natural rhythms. 
  • A sense of having more time, as you work in alignment with your cycle.
  • Increased productivity, knowing when to be in flow and when to rest and recharge.
  • The ability to organize your time (daily, weekly, and monthly) not just based on these monthly tasks but also to plan and execute on long term goals. 


Can you imagine a life where success feels not just attainable but also natural and sustainable? Imagine landing your dream career position, reaching your next big business income level or successful course launch sold out- all by following your natural flow. 

Let me paint you a picture. You wake up feeling inspired, light and creative AF because you've learend to embrace and flow with your natural cycle. Your mornings are dedicated to grounding rituals that make you feel amazing in your body and energize you. As you get ready for the day, you do so with a sense of calm, knowing that your cyclical strategy allows you to flow seamlessly from task to task. Your productivity is consistent, and you to-do lists seem to effortlessly get checked off. You're left wondering how it could be this simple.

But the magic doesn't stop there. Now you have ample time for friends, hobbies like gardening or pottery classes, or finally launching your side business or passion project. Life is flowing. It feels abundant, and you're deeply fulfilled living in a frequency of freedom.


Your Cheat Sheet to Cyclical Success

The cycle of Success is your "cheat sheet" to thriving in alignment with your cyclical nature. By implementing this inherent wisdom, you can creative massive, sacred and sustainable success in your life, career and business. 

The Cycle of Success isn't just about managing your time differently; it's about transforming your entire approach to success. It empowers you to achieve your dreams while prioritzing your well-being, all by embracing your natural rhythm and the wisdom they bring. 

Oh, you thought this was it for the Cycle of Success framework? Oh no, we are barely scratching the surface here! So, you're ready to dive deeper and revolutionize your success and change the way the world "works?" Then, click here to explore my one-of-a-kind mini course "Cyclical Ascension," and embark on your own journey towards a life of sacred success, achieved easefully with your own Cyclical of Success and Creation. It's time to let go and flow, my darling. 


Head to the comment section below and share with my what resonated most about this strategy for you and let me know if you have any questions! x 


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