Living in Cyclical Harmony: The Fall Equinox for Success & Balance

cyclical harmony Oct 07, 2022
Cyclical Living: The Fall Equinox

Hello Autumn 🍂 Welcoming us & calling us to tune inwards with the Fall Equinox

As we stand on the threshold of the Fall Equinox, a time when day and night are in perfect equilibrium, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the profound symbolism and transformative potential this season carries. 


The Fall Equinox, which occurs on September 22nd (generally 22nd or 23rd each year depending on your timezone), marking the shift into the cosmic season of Libra and the seasonal shift from summer to fall. The fall equinox marks the point at which we transition from the warm, expansive energy of summer into the cooler, introspective embrace of fall. It is a moment of exquisite balance, with equal parts light and dark, inviting us to find harmony in our lives and reconnect with our inner selves.



Reinstating inner balance: The Fall Equinox is a powerful reminder of the importance of balance in our lives. Just as the Earth finds equilibrium between daylight and darkness, we too can strive for balance in our daily routines, relationships, and inner selves. It encourages us to evaluate and realign our priorities.

Turning Inward: The shift from summer to fall represents a shift from the outward, active energy of the masculine-dominated seasons to the inward, contemplative energy of the feminine. This transition encourages us to slow down, go within, and embrace introspection. It is a call to honor the wisdom of rest and renewal.


We are conditioned to spend most of our lives "producing" and working in masculine energies of "spring" (planning) and "summer" (executing). This seasonal transition is a time to expand into the full cyclical experience of ALL the necessary seasons of creation.


That is honestly one of my favourite things about cyclical living; Although we are constantly being reminded that life is not linear, there is still a cycle to the system that can guide us and support us through all the ebbs and flows. Specifically the seasons of fall and winter are so powerful because the feminine focused energies of these seasons are largely disregarded in the way we have been conditioned to work. Society teaches us to focus so much on spring (planning) and summer (executing) in order to be "productive" that we miss out on the necessary "full cycle of creation" that includes all four seasons. This is why seasonal living and working is a powerful way to begin healing your relationship with work and revolutionizing your success.


What is the Fall Equinox: Energetic and Cyclical Symbolism & Meaning 

The Equinox marks the shift from the masculine seasons of spring & summer as we cross over into the feminine seasons of fall & winter.

Equinox is a latin word, whos translation boils down to "equal night.”  In other words, equinox marks the day when there is equal day & light time and night & dark time. In a seasonal sense, we are moving out of the long sunshine days of summer and the days are starting to get shorter again. The longer nights that are about to grow are calling you back to yourself. Calling you back in. 


Masculine & Feminine Energy and the Equinox 

The masculine energy is represented by the light/day time and the Sun. The feminine energy is represented by the night/dark and the Moon.

We have just spent two full seasons - spring & summer - since the spring equinox in prominent masculine energy seasons. Now, the equinox marks the shift into the feminine seasons of fall and winter. The intention on this day is to honour the masculine energy of spring and summer that we have spent the last months in, and transition into the upcoming feminine energy based seasons.

The night is calling us back into more darkness. Symbolically, the night and the moon represent the feminine. Your inner world & emotions, your intuition, your solitude and your connection to your higher-self. After the masculine energy months of being active, social, and executing externally, it is time to turn in. To look within. To spend more time within.

Have you realized that when it's winter time, you feel a deeper desire to be cozy, stay inside, cook wholesome meals, and cancel plans? You might not be at that point yet (naturally because the magical glitter of summer hasn't fully worn off yet), but the season of fall is the transition into more of that inward energy. The fall equinox is the "gate" into this realm. 


Cyclical Living and the Equinox 

The fall equinox is a reminder that we are cyclical beings. 

The masculine energy based patriarchal world culture that we live in teaches you that you always need to be "on," always producing, always achieving, always succeeding. The masculine energy represents the structures we need to show up consistently, the ability to take action on our desires, and the energy to show up and execute in the external world. Don't get me wrong, the masculine energy is incredibly important, however, we are not meant to be living in this energy 24/7, 365 days a year.

The feminine energies are largely disregarded, especially in the realm of work. If there is a societal & then also internalised expectation to be "on" all the time, then that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for resting, pleasure, enjoyment, harvesting your success, and celebrating where you are at. Just consider for a moment, how often you have completed one task just to jump straight into the next one? It's pretty common, so regardless of whether you know that's you or are having a hard time admitting it, you are not alone! 

The transition into fall marked by the fall equinox is the reminder that there are two other parts of the cycle - fall and winter.  

One simple way to start tuning into the feminine energy more with this transition into fall, is to really get connected to your body again. Notice if you're feeling more tired after an active summer or if you are desiring more cozy nights in as opposed to being out and about with friends. Consider what kind of work you feel really called to do right now. How can you support your body as your priority? By tuning into your body you can begin identifying what you desire in this season.

The path to a cyclical life is through getting to know yourself. I am here sharing the overarching themes, energies, and flow frameworks with you, but in order for them to truly work for you in your life, you'll need to match them with your "energy code." This means, knowing what you need, which comes down to listening and learning from your body. 



  • Reaping your Harvest: Align your work with the season's energy by embracing the harvest. This energy is about harvesting the results you have created and celebrating the success. Use this time for editing, wrapping up, and getting into the nitty gritty details of a project. This is also a great time to reflect on your last project or current goal, and see where some specifics might need adjusting. And of course, honour and celebrate what you HAVE created and how far you have come.
  • Inward Reflection: This is a time of culmination. It's a time of preparation for hibernation, where the world and your body begins to turn inwards to prepare for "rest." This is a great time to get organized, declutter, and come back to your routine. This is why the "back to school" vibes feel so potent and yummy this time of year.
  • Simplify Your Schedule: Be mindful of overcommitting yourself. Consider what truly matters and make space for meaningful connections with loved ones. Simplifying your schedule allows you to fully enjoy the season's gifts, where you have more solo time, be in nature, and start to slow down the pace of life.



  • Prioritize Rest-Rituals: Set aside time for self-care rituals, such as meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises. This is a time to COME BACK into YOUR BODY. Reflect on where you can reincorporate balance through creating SPACE for this rest and slowing down. These practices can help you maintain emotional equilibrium and reduce stress.
  • Embrace the Cozy Slow Down: Embrace the Danish concept of hygge, which centers around coziness and contentment. Create warm, inviting spaces in your home, enjoy comfort foods, and relish in the joy of snuggling up with a good book or spending quality time with loved ones.
  • Creative Expression: Fall's energy is conducive to artistic and creative pursuits. Explore your creative side, whether through writing, painting, or other artistic endeavors. Allow your inner voice to shine through and channel your emotions into your work.
  • Harmonize with Nature: As the natural world changes, take cues from it. Spend time in nature, whether through hiking, camping, or simply taking leisurely walks in the woods. Connect with the changing colors, the falling leaves, and the cooler air. These experiences can ground you and inspire new perspectives.


This balance of light and dark and the shift of seasons is a call for you to:


1. Reflect on the balance of your masculine & feminine energy in your life and where you can call in balance. 

2. Asking you to tune into the cycles of life - the seasons of nature and the cycle of your body. How can you tune in and follow the guidance of this season?

Let me know what you’ll be doing to honour and work with this energy today and in the years to come (and of course if you have any questions!).


Remember, it is never too late to begin honouring and living by the cycles as your guide to success, productivity and rest. Even if the equinox has passed but it is still the season of fall or your personal season of "inner fall," you can still do this work and tap into these reflection questions.

If you want more support, join us inside the free community OH Flow Collective, where I am sharing a beautiful ritual you can do to really honour, welcome and activate this powerful seasonal energy into your work and life this fall equinox. 

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