Your group sesh for mapping out your upcoming month for Working Like A Womb-an to optimize your productivity, expand your results and ignite flow 


First Monday of every month. One hour to plan your upcoming month to work like a womb-an. Only Inside the free OH Flow Collective. 

Next one: MONDAY April 1st @ 2.30pm CET.

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Welcome to the Free Collective Community


The OH FLOW collective is a movement to revolutionize the old dominant hustle and survival models of success and alchemize your sacred success to create a life based in a freedom frequency.

But revolutions are never just one person.
So this is your call to step up.


And as you alchemize your work-style and re-define what success means to you, you begin to revolutionize your life and the world into a new way of being.

Here's what it looks like Inside...

Your Gateway to Sacred Success and Freedom Frequency! 


Okay, be REAL with me girl! Are you tired of the hustle and burnout that comes with the traditional concept of success? Are you yearning to align with your true nature and create a life of purpose, abundance, and freedom? 

I know I was, and that's what set me off on this journey. I also wished I didn't have to walk this path alone. The OH FLOW Collective is here to revolutionize the way you work and elevate your path to success... with your sisterhood of womb-en!


What's Inside? 

Monthly Workshop: Cyclical Flow Planning Sesh

Our flagship monthly workshop, "Cyclical Flow Planning," is an immersive journey through the art of aligning with your inner rhythms. Discover the power of sacred planning as you map out your aspirations and goals, while honoring the natural cycles that guide you towards success.


Transformational Topics

Unveil new narratives and tools that will transform the way you approach work and life. Explore topics like shifting out of survival success, subconscious redesign for working smarter, cyclical success and seasonal living, womb wisdom, cosmic cycles, moon mapping, the masculine/feminine energetics of success and much more.


This collective & revolution is for you if are seeking to...


✨ Embrace Sacred Success: Say goodbye to burnout and embrace a path that values your well-being and personal growth. Redefine success on your own terms, with more time and energy.

‚ú® Cultivate Freedom Frequency: Unlock the keys to living a life of freedom, purpose, and abundance. Build the life you desire, not just a mundane existence.

‚ú® Connect and Thrive: Join a vibrant community of like-minded souls who are eager to support, inspire, and uplift each other on their sacred success journeys.

‚ú® Tap into Ancient Wisdom: Discover the power of cyclical living and the profound insights of feminine-based spirituality, aligning your work with cosmic rhythms.

‚ú® Monthly Guidance and Support: Participate in our transformative monthly workshop and receive ongoing guidance to stay on track with your sacred success planning.


Ready to Revolutionize Your Work and Life?

Join us today and start living life in your freedom frequency. Together, we can revolutionize work and create success strategies that are sacred.


Need Proof? Here are some sacred success stories:


"If you want to learn about working WITH your menstrual cycle each month I can't recommend Olivia's workshop enough"


"Ohhh so many things here are SO GOOD. I was going through a chaotic schedule and didn't know how to structure it all. So many takeaways and strategies that have revolutionized the way I work."


"I just needed a couple of hours to completely gather myself after that call because I could NOT. STOP. SMILING. Olivia, thank you so so so much for that, it was honestly 20000 times more than I was truly expecting and everything you said and everything you got me thinking about was just eye-opening in the MOST positive way"


"Yessssss! If you are thinking about this.... Do it! This is the info as a busy entrepreneur that I didn't know I needed and now can't imagine living without!"  

Who is...


& how can she help me? 


I'm your Flow CEO, Time-Freedom Lifestyle Curator, fellow goal getter and founder of Oh Flow. I am a certified life & success coach, Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, hypnotherapist and the creator & host of Essence, the show & podcast.

First, let’s go back in time about 5 years ago, where I had spent YEARS living in a cycle of burnout, totally disconnected from my body, struggling with low energy levels and complete fatigue. I was a class A overachiever, perfectionist people pleaser and the WAY I was working and the pressure I was placing on myself was causing all of my aforementioned symptoms. As an OG type-A control freak, it was really fucking hard to LET GO AND FLOW (ironically, but very fitting, that is exactly what we are ALL about here at OH FLOW now). 

Everything bubbled up at my Yoga Teacher Training and I embarked on a journey to heal my toxic success and create a life and career that gives me a life of freedom. I have been practicing sacred success and cyclical living for over 4 years now and have coached 70+ women in healing from burnout cycles, moving out of overwhelm, and building a cyclical strategy for sacred success and creating their own Freedom Frequency lives. 

So now I'm on a journey to teach you how to let go and flow by revolutioninizing the way you work, activating sacred success strategies and igniting a life that is based in the high-vibe magnetic frequency of freedom!

It's time to REVOLUTIONIZE your success and change the way the world "works." 
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