Virgo Season for Balance & Success: Activating the Sovereign Healer

cosmic seasons cyclical harmony Aug 24, 2023

CYCLICAL COSMOS for balance & success: Virgo Season of the Sovereign Healer

If you are a creative, a healer, a coach, or you feel you are here with a deeper purpose you are meant to bring into the world, listen up! This new cosmic season is asking you to step into yourself as a “sovereign healer,” sharing your magic and medicine with the world to create real collective change.
A sovereign healer doesn’t inherently mean “a healer” doing energy work or working in the health industry. It means showing up in SERVICE. Doing work that fuels your soul and sharing your gifts with the world. Your gifts are MEDICINE that the world needs.


Main themes of virgo season energy:

  • Being service and wanting to serve. You are the “harvester” with so much to give.
  • Attention to detail. It’s time to get into the nitty gritty and this energy supports you in completing projects, editing and finalizing. But beware, this can quickly lead to overworking and perfectionism.
  • This energy is about being “whole unto yourself.” This is what being “sovereign” means… that you are already whole as the being you are. You are already wholly complete. And when you embody this in your life and make it true, you are able to give and serve from a place of overflow.


How to work with this season’s energy for Sacred Success:

Virgo season is the server AND the harvester. It is the time to step into your purpose of what you are here to DO and bring your medicine into the world… to “heal” beliefs, environments, and people through your gifts. This season is one where you can really lean into being of service through working - no wonder this tends to be the “back to school time” in the western hemisphere!
The type of work you can be focusing on with this energy is editing, proofing, and cleaning up the details. Whether you are wrapping up the end of a project or embarking on a new one, this energy primes you for getting into specifics.
However, remember to not go so specific that you forget the big picture vision. As I mentioned, this can also lead to perfectionist energy and wanting things to be “so perfect” that you spend too much time on it and in the end nothing gets executed or moves forward. Perfectionism brings with it an element of wanting to “control the outcome” so be aware of creating SPACE in between work to zoom back out.


How to work with this season’s energy for tapping into your Freedom Frequency:

This is a time to tune into your own healing routines and rituals. What gives YOU energy? If you are here to serve your purpose, filling up your own cup is crucial. Where can you set up rituals and routines to help you ground down into your purpose, calm your nervous system and create consistency in your daily life. This is where your healing begins and this is where you create sustainable health and longevity, which you need to show up and serve.
Because this season brings with it an independent sovereign energy, remember to ask for help and support where you need it. You are not meant to do it all alone. Taking on too much and feeling weighed down by responsibility can lead to burn out or feelings of resentment for not feeling valued for all that you are doing. Using the energy of play and pleasure from this past Leo season to bring some inherent worthiness into virgo season… because if you are too hard on yourself that begins tying your worth to your work and productivity and we are on a mission to separate those. This means making time for REST and PLEASURE while in your DAILY RITUALS AND ROUTINES.


How are you tapping into this energy for your sacred success and freedom frequency this season? Share ONE intention with us in the comments! 💫

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