Work Like a Womb-an: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Achieving Success

cyclical harmony Sep 04, 2023
Work Like a Woman: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Achieving Success

ESSENCE Show & Podcast Ep #29 🎙| Work Like a Woman: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Achieving Success

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Are you ready to WORK like a WOMB-AN?

Here’s why working like a woman is your POWER … And this is also WHY the Traditional 9-5 isn’t working for you.

Did you know that over 50% of the population doesn’t fit into current societal work models? On top of that, you my dear actually have a very unique way of working that doesn’t adhere to the 9-5 work day or even work-weeks.



  • Men have a hormonal cycle that lasts 24-hours.
  • Womb-en have a hormonal cycle that lasts approximately 28 days.

Yes, there IS in fact a biological hormonal difference between men and women. We are NOT the same, and therefore, you as a womb-an should not be forcing yourself into a box that wasn’t made for you (in fact, you shouldn’t be forcing yourself into a box at all!)


Not only that, but there are four distinct phases within the 28-day cycle:


Basically, THIS is how you crack the code for productivity, creative flow, and sacred success.



  1. Follow your 28 day hormonal cycle (or the moon!) and embody the cyclical being you are
  2. Ditch the 9-5 hyper-productivity that you expect from yourself on a daily basis and instead expand your productivity by working with your codes
  3. Tune into your intuition and YOUR uniqueness which makes you magnetic to your desires - you are not meant to do it like everyone else! 


But, you have to be willing to go against the status quo and pave your own path - are you up for the challenge?


Want your first step? Join the revolution and begin working like a womb-an inside the "Oh Flow Collective" - the free community revolution!

x Olivia 


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