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The Three Foundational Pillars to Working Like A Womb-an

Crack the Codes of your Cyclical Success Strategy

  • The science behind cycle syncing and why your procrastination, lack of momentum or focus have nothing to do with your “lack” of productivity

  • Unlock the Foundational Pillars to Set up your Structure for Working Like a Womb-an can start working with more ease and create cyclical sacred success

  • Walk away with your clear process for maximising your productivity, increasing your efficiency  and in turn reclaiming your time and energy to have more space to pour back into your life and expansion

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Did you know that over 50% of the population doesn’t fit into current societal work models? 


On top of that, you my dear actually have a very unique way of working that doesn’t adhere to the 9-5 work day or even work-weeks. 


The science? 

Men have a hormonal cycle that lasts 24-hours. 

Whereas womb-en have a hormonal cycle that lasts approximately 28 days.

Society teaches us to view time in a linear manner, when really it exists as a cycle.  The reason why you struggle to rest and take breaks, tap into a flow state and maximum productivity when you need it, and expand your time and energy, is because you are adhering to this linear approach to success. 


For example, when you look at any cycle in nature, rest is a vital part of the process.


Hmm, starting to piece things together? 


Not only that, but within that 28-day cycle, there are four distinct phases. Each of these phases has its own set of rules or what I call “codes.” 


Basically, this is how you crack the code for productivity, creative flow, and sacred success. But, you have to be willing to go against the status quo and pave your own path - are you up for the challenge? 



Get ready to maximise your productivity, increase your ease, and expand your time by cracking YOUR Cyclical Success Codes! 
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So, What is Cyclical Harmony?

And Why is it a Foundational Pillar of the OH Flow Framework?

Cyclical Harmony is the practice and power of living in your cyclical nature, including cycle syncing, moon mapping, and seasonal living in order for you to create a flow framework for working in alignment with your inner rhythms and create greater success with more ease.  

Fostering cyclical harmony allows you to live a life guided by the wisdom of cyclical codes. Through this transformative approach, you can expand your energy, optimize your time, and enhance your productivity on a daily basis. By aligning with the natural rhythms and cycles of life, you unlock the power to tap into your innate flow, intuition, and creative potential. Through this work, I support you in embracing cyclical living, empowering you to live a life of balance, abundance, and purpose, where you harness the inherent wisdom of cycles to create sustainable success and fulfillment.


Includes things such as: 

  •  Understanding your own cyclical harmony, how to work like a womb-an with your body and your womb, and how to activate this wisdom in your life for your goals and for more balance, time, energy, and freedom

  •  The three main codes of your cyclical nature and cracking them in order to expand your time and uplevel your results so that have a wash and repeat framework in the form of a cyclical success strategy 

  •  Begin cycle syncing with your body and womb, moon mapping with the lunar energies, and working with the seasonal seasons for planning & executing on your goals whilst creating the dreamy lifestyle of freedom to go along with it.

It's time to set the foundations so that you have a grounded and air-tight success strategy that aligns you with your inner nature, easily attracts your deepest desires, and leaves you living in your freedom frequency life. 
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